Teachers Service Commission Jobs – 11,139 Posts

Teachers Service Commission
Vacancies for Teaching Posts in Public Primary and Post Primary Institutions – July 2013

The Teachers Service Commission is advertising:
1) 10,000 posts for recruitment of additional teachers (5,122 posts for primary school teachers and 4,878 posts for post primary teachers).

2) 1,139 posts to replace teachers who have left service through natural attrition (470 posts for primary school teachers and 669 posts for post primary teachers)

Eligible candidates should meet the following basic requirements:
(i) Be Kenya citizens
(ii) Must be 45 years of age and below.
(iii) Must have original Professional and Academic Certificates.
(iv) Must be registered teachers as per section 23 of the Teachers Service Commission Act 2012.

Candidates for posts in primary schools must be holders of P1 certificate and should submit their applications together with photocopies of their academic and professional certificates to Staffing Officers in Sub-Counties of their choice where vacancies exist not later than 16th August, 2013.

In the case of post primary institutions, interested candidates should apply to the Secretary, Board of Governors of the Institution where the vacancy has been advertised not later than 16th August, 2013 and submit a copy to the TSC County Director.

The Teachers Service Commission is an equal opportunity employer and people with disability are encouraged to apply. In all cases, preference will be given to applicants who have not been previously employed by the Teachers Service commission.

Caution: The Teachers Service Commission would wish to forewarn applicants against fraudsters who might extort money from unsuspecting persons purporting to assist in recruitment. <u>The recruitment exercise is free of charge.

Any fraudulent activity should be reported to the nearest police station, TSC County Directors, Staffing Officers or to Teachers Service Commission Headquarters through the following hotlines between 8.00a.m. and 7.00p.m.:

Director (Teacher Management) Tel:0572523475
Senior Deputy Director (Teacher Management Primary) Tel:0208163466
Senior Deputy Director (Teacher Management Post Primary) Tel: 0202641065
Deputy Director (Teacher Management Post Primary) Tel:0572523431

or Write to the Commission through the following email address dirstaffing@tsc.go.ke

Any candidate with complaints related to the recruitment exercise should write to the TSC County Director and send a copy to the TSC headquarters immediately but not later than seven (7) days after the selection exercise.

NB: Teachers who had already registered with the County Directors/Staffing Officers during the recent strike period should ensure that they apply for these posts in the sub-counties they registered in.

For detailed information on the sub-counties and institutions where the vacancies are available, applicants are advised to:-

a) Visit the TSC website www.tsc.go.ke

b) Visit the TSC County offices of their choice

Gabriel K. Lengoiboni, CBSSecretary/Chief Executive



  1. a graduate in BED(science) but with low grade c(plain) in chem at kcse. what way forward? is it bridging in chem or is it taking a different subject course? pls reply.

  2. Graduated 2009 from Kenyatta University with B.Ed. (Arts) English/Kiswahili. The T.S.C. has never advertised for this combination. When do you think this is going to happen? Or can graduates in this combination apply teaching in primary schools?

  3. Hi.When is the next advert for promotion to Job Group M and N.Please update.

  4. How many replacements and recruits are to be conducted this year (teachers to be employed), (2014) and when is the recruitment exercise taking place

  5. John Njenga says:

    I have a diploma in ECDE… & there is advertisement that we register.. Are we going later to be given Jobs after that period given or the purpose is only to get tsc number.

  6. Siti Mohamed says:

    Is there a recruitment for ECD teachers please advice.

  7. Mwaura evans says:

    Make it public the replacement of those who retired in April n August

  8. Orunga allan says:

    How are you?am allan from narok and am not yet employed but i teach at a school in narok which managed to be pos.3 in the zone.i have the abilities in teaching.i request if i can be absorbed by the tsc.thanks

  9. Mwaura evans says:

    THERE IS ALOT Of corruption & nepotism in employment and promotion of teachers especially when BOG are used

  10. nyabendo oira says:

    When are u employing ECD teachers

  11. MUTAI 0728571202 says:


  12. please kindly update on teacher replacement 2014.its not yet posted on the net

  13. Teacher registration online has been effective but for afew that are taking ages. Is there a way TSC can help since it doesn’t make sense for A TSC number to take more than 6 months when its actually supposed to take 14 days

  14. kindly clarify ,the replacement of tsc teachers is not yet posted on the net why?

  15. the tsc replacement is not yet posted on the net why?

  16. Headteachers and principals who underwent kemi course should be given an increment atleast one for just motivation over what they acquired from the training . so that they can implement

  17. Am worried with our tsc teachers attend a two week tpc after that they are promoted to next grade . but headteachers and princils went a two year course but they are not given even a single increment. Is that fair these administrators . please repply

  18. geoffrey kiptoo says:

    Kindly update your website to show vacancies advertised on 2/04/14

  19. KIZITO MURUNGA says:

    what is wrong with new teacher registration?

  20. good work. when is the replacement for 2014 and how many will be recruited this year because most have left the service and there are many vacancies.

  21. janet saru says:

    we want to know how may replacements and in which counties coz it was not in the daily nation

  22. what is wrong with the new teacher registration. we have been trying to fill but to no avail. please get back.

  23. when is the next advert for promotion to job group M N and P?

  24. Phelix okoth says:

    Good work done in 2013 recruitment of teachers. Now the problem is others were posted in january,while 6out of22 have not received their posting letters, what maybe the problem? please assist. From Homa-Bay County, Mbita Sub-county.

  25. When is the replacement for teachers this year 2014

  26. Kelly stevens Akileng says:

    Good work done by the commission,which criteria is the t.s.c using for posting teachers in busia county?because others received letters on second of jan,others on seventh,others on 13th others on 23rd and what about the rest?kindly communicate on the position of other posting letters of busia county

  27. Anderson kipkorir says:

    How far is the posting of teachers recruited last year?

  28. peter munyua says:

    when is the posting for those recruited last year september.its a long wait n anxiety.


    Hi,what of the E C D E teachers.

  30. Phides mugo says:

    You are doing a good job. But I think it will be good if you just notify them that did not qualif. Thanx

  31. thanks tsc for the good work u are doing. but plz its a request that u help the teachers who have trained in diploma in education with c plain solve the confusion that is there what is the solution?? is pre university recomended! plz reply thanks in advance!

  32. aketch winnie says:

    When is the replacement of teachers who have left the service through natural attrition being done?

  33. Thankyou for the fair exercise.

  34. loyford kirimi ethaiba. says:

    what criteria was used when shortlisting candidates in the just concluded exercise in Nairobi county.i completed college in 1996 yet i was not shortlisted.

    • Paul Mganga. says:

      How do I check if am registered with TSC? I applied online 4 months ago and I’ve not received my TSC Number.

  35. Danson Kariuki says:

    Hi, I have just been invited for an interview for the ongoing teacher recruitment but then called later to be told not to attend because I do not qualify.
    I did two teaching subjects at the university (maths/business) but I had not sat for bst at secondary sch.
    Are the grounds for disqualification fair? kindly advice me on what I need to do. Thank you in advance.

    • Two options: first, go back to high school. Secondly, go back to college and do a subject you did in high school-bio/chem/phy/geo. Above all, you chose a wrong college.

  36. Antony makokha says:

    Very good

  37. vitalis agutu says:


  38. ANENA JAMES says:

    TSC,should employ all teachers regardless of their form 4 grade.one should not be a rhodes scholar to be able to teach,most schools have untrained teachers who have produced excellent results in KCSE.

  39. There has been tribal recruitment in Narok county. One tribe[Maasai] have been employed even up to those who graduated in 2011, yet Kipsigis who graduated in 2007 haven’t

  40. sawaz

  41. koech d g says: