Parliamentary Service Commission Job Interviews

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) is one of the best employers in Kenya. Paying better than even Kenya Revenue Authority KRA, its jobs recruitment is definitely the most sought after by many jobseekers who want a right start to a great career.

The recruitment process started with the advertisements of various positions on the Newspapers as well as Parliament Website This included; professionals in Finance, Clerk Assistants, Media Relations Officers, Accountants, Research Officers, Hansard Reporters and Editors, etc.

Early this month, October 2013, the names of shortlisted applicants for the various advertised posts were publicized on the national papers as well as the website. To my surprise there were so many candidates in various positions, with Research officers having up to 2000 candidates. This begged the question; was there any short listing done or it was just a list of people who expressed interest in the job?

Well, candidates were instructed to attend interviews on various dates as specified on the paper and one should carry his/her National ID and a pen. It was certain that this would involve a series of aptitude tests before going for  face to face interviews.


The national Parliament Of Kenya

The recruitment process is very rigorous and involving; examining various areas of one’s intellect. For those who have had interviews dealing with aptitude tests you can trust me that it’s not a very easy thing. The test is usually 99% correct and accurate it will show exactly who you are in terms of personality, reasoning and abilities. Having done PWC Graduate recruitment aptitude tests, I knew I had to prepare and also enquire from other on what to expect.

All candidates were to take the test at the KICC on various days. If you are successful, you realize that you are one out of a few thousands who has been able to demonstrate not only intellectual and academic ability but also an all rounded individual with unique qualities that have been identified.

On arrival at KICC one should register using your National ID. The registration process was not an easy one especially where candidates were so many. You had to queue till you get there. As I was in the queue I got to learn the kind of questions being asked. Surprisingly, I learnt some people had been shortlisted for more than one post and of course they were very familiar with the questions being asked since they had already done the test for other positions.

The registration clerks would confirm your name as it appears on the shortlist as well as your photo in the ID. You also had to give the name of your county after which you would get an exam card. The exam card and your National ID card was what would permit you into the exam room.

For many the aptitude test was not the normal Mathematics and English. The questions tested on various things including parliamentary languages English and Kiswahili skills, Civic, General Knowledge and Logic.

There were 50 questions testing on all these areas and you were to do them in 45 minutes.

English questions were mainly idioms, antonyms and synonyms while Kiswahili questions were ‘methali’ and ‘mapambo’ although this varied.

Civic questions were on the constitution and knowledge of parliament including the name of the speaker of 9th Parliament.

General knowledge questions included world awareness such as Countries with Bicamera and Unicamera Parliamentary systems among others.

Who Succeeds In Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC)
To succeed in PSC you not only require a strong academic background, but also be a well-rounded individual.

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  1. lawrence says:

    Kindly let us know the outcome.
    of the interviews,just as you did for shortlistings.

  2. lawrence says:

    It was one of the best reception i ever received in a public corpration, keep it up,

  3. samuel kahiu says:

    The intaviews wer so fair on 28th feb bt i wud wish to know when the next shortlisting wil be done since i am not in access of the newspaper daily??

  4. I really need to know what to expect. I have been shortlisted for these interviews. What areas do i really need to study? Anyone who has ever done this exam will be of great help to me

  5. good morning,
    So when is the oral interview for those who underwent the aptitude test.

  6. Andrew mulogoli says:

    Realy it was agood encounter particularly for government sector. We hope due process will be followed to ensure successful candidates proceed. I actually happened to meet my long time classmates.

  7. onduru james says:

    the interview taught me a lot n particularly English words were very also required to read more a bout the kenyan constitution.otherwise logics was okay and civics

  8. Stanley Ng'etich says:

    Thanks for your pieces of advise.I have really got inspired and encouraged by your words.Keep it up and be blessed.