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By Jane Okoth,
The stiff competition in the job market today has left many diploma and certificate holders clueless as most jobs require one who has completed a degree.

With thousand of degree holders graduating to secure a place in the employment industry, chances are that those with diplomas will have to wait a long way to get noticed by recruiters.

However, this might not be the case because it turns out that some diplomas may be able to help you secure a job if you have experience even without a degree.

Beth Wanjira, a Recruitment Manager at Corporate Staffing Services strongly opines that education is not the key to determining who gets hired for the job.

“Whether you have a degree or a Masters, the key word here is experience. Most employers are not willing to invest in candidates who lack experience,” she says.

“A scenario of a diploma holder who has 3 years plus experience versus a degree holder who does not have any experience, I will proudly consider the diploma holder,” she suggests.

Ms Wanjira maintains that job seekers need to gain enough experience of the job if they expect to be hired.

“Whether you have acquired a degree or a diploma, the employer expects you to have 75% knowledge in your work so that he can be able to teach you the remaining 25%.” She says.

With that being said, here are top ten courses that a diploma holder needs not to worry about getting a job.

1. Sales and Marketing
Much has been said about how a job in this department is underpaid and demoralizing. Apart from that it offers one a good opportunity to grow career wise because it shapes you well.

“I used to be sales person in a sales company for almost 5 years. At first I felt overworked as my pay was not good and to top it up with working conditions.

However, my hard work has enabled me to get elevated to the position of a sales executive manager within the same company. I am also responsible for mentoring others who have a diploma and once lost hope like me,” says Antony Nganga, a Sales Executive at a Middle level Company in Nakuru.

2. Hospitality
The hospitality industry has many job opportunities especially for diploma holders who are seeking to further or jump start their careers.

The reason is because of credible institutions offering these courses that make it easier for one to secure a job.

“I did food catering in a well recognized institution and choosing this career has been the best decision ever.

I have never struggled looking for a job since I completed school,” says Isaac Mairura, a Hotelier in a 5 star hotel operating in the CBD.

3. Information Technology
There are many positions in the IT sector that are suitable for both diploma and degree holders.

Of all positions advertised that are majority meant for degree holders, you will hardly find a position that will not favor the diploma holder.

4. Journalism and Media studies
With a lot of enthusiastic students wanting to pursue a career in the media industry, diploma holders are the most in number.

One can hardly tell the difference between a diploma and a degree holder in the industry. If one is not lucky to get a job in the prestigious department, there are other areas that are well paying especially the technical departments.

5. Diploma in Medical studies
The country is in dire need of health professionals as our standards are still wanting internationally. As much as a practicing doctor will require a degree, there is also a need of health care workers and nurses whose majority are all diploma holders.

Graduates from medical training colleges are mostly recruited by the government so their jobs are well assured.

6. Accounting courses
These are courses that will not need a degree though some pursue and are lucky to get jobs. The same case also applies with diploma holders because they are ever in demand. Whether it is in the position of an account assistant or a senior one, it is a well paying career.

7. Purchasing and Supplies Management
This is a career that is more attracted to diploma holders as the demand for purchasing of goods and services as well as maintaining financial reports both in the government and private sector rises.

This is one of the reasons why diploma holders may be able to secure a job.

8. Teaching Jobs
For those aspiring to undertake a career in the education, a certificate holder will also need not to worry about getting a job.

There are positions available in the kindergarten academy to primary school teachers which do not require one to have a degree.


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