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By Lilian Wamaitha

I have always been of the opinion that a degree is not a guarantee of a successful life. Not that pursuing a degree is a crime – I have one. I am just saying that there is so much more to life than a degree certificate.

How many people have completed a degree only to realize after they have graduated that they were in the wrong course all along?

How many others have a degree certificate but can’t seem to find any meaningful work to practice what they have learned?

How many of these numbers also have degrees but end up following career paths that are the complete opposite of what they studied for four years in university.

Believe me when I tell you that I have friends who fall in all the three categories.

I am going therefore to highlight well paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a degree.

Top Well Paying Jobs In Kenya That Do Not Require A Degree

Are you feeling left out because all your childhood friends went on in life to pursue fancy degrees? Don’t worry; your success isn’t defined by a piece of paper. You can be as successful as anyone else in the world.

We all know Bill Gates and the likes of Richard Branson – Founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Michael Dell and many other successful people in the world. Well guess what? These mega rich entrepreneurs of today did not require a university degree to succeed in life.

Success in life lies in what is in your brains not the writing on a piece of paper.

That being said, let’s look at well paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a degree and which could be your major break in life.

1. Cabin Crew

As we grew up almost every girl wanted to be an air hostess. I know I did. This career projects a glamorous life full of travel, a fat pay cheque and the luxury of interacting with people from all walks of life.

The requirement to be an air hostess is just a KCSE certificate. You also have to be pretty and presentable and capable of making passengers you are attending to feel at home.

Major Airlines like Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, and Emirates recruit cabin crew members almost every year. Try your luck and see what the future holds for you.

2. Web Developing

You don’t have to be a tech geek to know how to design an awesome website. With YouTube and a passion, you can master in no time the great art of Web design.

Thanks to technology, everything has been made easy. Don’t know how to cook a certain dish? Just go to YouTube and download a few tutorials and you are good to go.

To create a decent site nowadays for your business or personal use, you have to part with some amount of money with some web developers asking for as much as 120K to design a website for you.

This is one of the careers you don’t require a university degree to venture into.

3. Small business owner

For the fellows who like being their own bosses, starting a business doesn’t require a degree. All you need is a few good business ideas to choose from and some starting capital.

With easily accessible loans nowadays, thanks to the curbing of interest on loans, you can start your own small business and sit back and watch your empire grow.

Believe it or not, you don’t require millions to start a profitable business. Some businesses just require little starting capital.

4. Real Estate Broker

I wonder when people will wake up from their self induced slumber to realize that this is one of the areas they should be investing their time in.

There are so many opportunities in the real estate sector. And guess what? It is one of the well paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a degree.

5. Customer Service Agent

Customer service jobs are among the well paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a degree. I mean, you do not need four years of training to know how to handle clients and their complaints now do you.

The good news is that some customer service jobs pay up to 40K.

Safaricom and Startimes are always known to hiring customer service agents every now and then.

6. Sales Representative

Although the field of sales is often disregarded by most people, this job is very rewarding and you can rise in rank just by mastering the art of making sales.

Some sales job pay up to 30K plus commissions. This is a job that doesn’t require a degree or diploma for that matter. Most employers just require you to have a KCSE certificate plus an ability to make sales and meet targets.

Think you can do that? Check open sales vacancies paying up to 30K and apply.

7. Electrical power-line installers & repairers

You can simply chose to call them electricians. It remains one of highest paying jobs in Kenya.

Every building requires an electrician who can install power lines and do repairs. We can never do without them.

All you need is the technical know how of make successful power-line installments.

This makes electricians one of the well paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a degree.

In conclusion, there is no guarantee that you won’t succeed because you don’t have a degree or because the degree you already have was not in your to do list.

You can still chase success by choosing a career to venture into from the comprehensive list of well paying jobs in Kenya that do not require a degree.

Lilian is a Communications Officer at Career Point Kenya. Email

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