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When we talk about landing a job, you have to think about your CV mostly. Is your CV 6 seconds worthy? Better still, is your CV something you would recommend to someone for a job if you happened to be on the other side of the table?

The job market is getting more depressing as the days go by, something to make the average job seeker lose sleep over. In the current job market, if you don’t stand out, you don’t stand a chance. Remember that there will always be someone else better qualified for the job than you are. So what are you doing to ensure that you land a job soon despite what others would call ‘menial’ qualifications?

The question to ask yourself is, “is your CV worthy of the current job market?”

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How To Tell If Your CV Is Worth It

The job market is unforgiving and as such most people are left out as their counterparts move on to achieve great success in life. You may be having all the qualifications, hell, you are even currently enrolled for a masters programme and have done extra courses such as CPA but you are still jobless.

I am here to tell you that your CV has everything to do with the current ordeal you are facing.

1. Do you use the right Keywords?

The current employer will not be impressed only by your years of experience but by the keywords on your CV. Every profession or job has its own set of unique keywords. Unless you capture these keywords in your CV, you are likely to remain jobless for a while.

It therefore goes to show that you should not apply for all jobs with the same CV. Always tailor your CV to include the keywords of the job you are applying for.

2. Have you showcased your achievements?

Take a look at your CV. Is it just a document flowing with years of experience, education qualifications and references? Yeah, that won’t cut it in the job market. Whether you have been an intern or have been employed full time before, there is that one achievement you made in your previous job.

In as much as you think that it’s not important, the current job market requires you to insist on your achievements rather that your qualifications. It’s all about what you can bring to the table from what you have already done in the past.

3. Is your CV tailored to the specific job?

To this day, I am still amazed at how little most job seekers know about tailoring their CVs to fit a certain job. Don’t have a job yet? Blame it on you!

Because, how do you expect a recruiter to take you serious if you are applying for a customer service job with the same CV you used to apply for that accounting job?

Don’t be lazy! If you are a serious job seeker who is serious about getting a job, then take a few minutes of your time and work on your CV to fit the job you are applying for.

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4. On a serious note, how simple is your CV?

Your CV should be easy to read. In fact a recruiter should be able to scan through your CV in less than 20 seconds to determine if you are the best fit for the job.

If you can’t read you own CV, your qualifications are mixed up, how do you expect another human being to strain trying to figure out where which section is? Don’t be selfish. Work on making your CV as simple as possible.

5. Is your CV grammatically correct?

Grammatical errors may not seem like a big deal to you, but to today’s employer, this is total turn off. Think about this. If I am a recruitment manager receiving thousands of applications daily, why would I spend thirty minutes going through your CV that is riddled with mistakes?

It doesn’t cost you anything to go through your CV before sending it. It a long term investment in to your future if you think about it.

Most of us fail to land jobs, not because we lack the qualifications required in today’s job market, but because our CVs are not worthy. Your CV is the most important weapon you have to defeat joblessness so take care of it.

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