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We all want to work for some of the top NGOs in Kenya or the United Nations.

They are some of the best paying institutions in the world and it makes sense why everyone is so psyched to get a job at any of the sectors.

So what does working for an NGO or the UN take?

Well, first of all you need to be wired in such a way that you can land a job at the United Nations or World Vision for instance. You need to have studied the right course.

Here are the best degrees to pursue if you want to land a job at a top NGO or the UN.

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Top Degree Courses To Pursue For NGO and UN Jobs in Kenya

1. Political Science

Someone sent me an email last week telling me that they had been admitted to pursue a degree in political science and so she was looking to know whether it is a marketable course or not.

Well, there you have it. Most people who pursue this degree are confused about where they will find meaningful work. Well, now you know that you can launch a lucrative career in the NGO sector as well as the UN.

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2. Community Development & Social Work

The main reason why NGOs and the UN exist is to improve people’s lives across the globe hence the need for community developers and social workers. The demand for social workers and community development officers therefore can never be overlooked.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

Do you have a degree in Monitoring and Evaluation and are wondering where to start? Well, start sending your applications for jobs from top NGOs as well as the UN.

4. Project Management

So many universities and colleges nowadays are offering studies in project management because they have realized how marketable this course is. NGOs undertake so many projects in different countries across the world and you could rise to handle some of these projects.

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5. Environmental Science and climate change

In this age of global warming and changing weather patterns, the UN is keen to see that the environment is protected and hence there will always be jobs for environmentalists.

6. International Relations

The main agenda of the UN and other NGOs is to foster good relations between countries and continents and hence the need for individuals who can accomplish this and who is better qualified than someone who has an understanding of international affairs and policies?

7. Journalism and Communication

Just like in any other sector, communication specialists are the glue that holds any organization together and hence there will always be jobs for communication professionals out there in NGO and UN.

8. Statistics

They are the best people who are involved in carrying out research that governs certain policies in the NGO sector and the UN.

9. Economics

It turns out that economics graduate don’t have to work for financial institutions only. NGOs and the UN are constantly advertising jobs that require one to have a degree in Economics.

10. Degree in Law

The major reason the UN was formed is to ensure global peace and security and this is where law graduates come in.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just working in that small law firm. You can seek a job in an NGO or the UN and practice international law instead.

Though some learning institutions are introducing NGO studies, it doesn’t offer the necessary skills required to work in an NGO or the UN. If you have any of the degrees listed above, you can start sending in your applications to some of the NGOs you would like to work with. And of course, this list is not exhaustive.

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