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By Susan Gitonga
Interviews can be very frightening especially when you have not prepared adequately. It is the same as going to sit for an exam without prior preparation.  If you are serious about getting a job, you should take the time to prepare well for the meeting with your potential employer.
The advantages of preparing for an interview are that you gain confidence and you can meet the employer without feeling scared. Another thing is that you can easily impress the employer because you are ready with all the answers required for the interview.
With that in mind, let us look at how you should effectively prepare for an interview, to ensure that you are successful and emerge as the top candidate.

5 Ways To Prepare For An Interview

1.Understand the key skills required for the job

Here, you need to go through the job advert and identify the skills required for the job. During the interview , you should relay to the potential employer how you have used such skills as those indicated in the job advert, in your previous work experience.
For example, if the job dictates that the suitable candidate should be able to meet deadlines, you should give an example of how efficient you are in your work and how in the past you have been able to meet very strict deadlines.
When it comes to interviews, the employer is looking for a perfect match to his job advert and fitting into the role described on the job advert will give you an edge above other candidates.
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2.Understand the key tasks and responsibilities the job entails
Just like the previous example, you should also take note of the tasks and responsibilities required for this job.
Yours is to then prepare yourself with examples and facts that show you have experience handling some of the tasks described in the job advert.
For the most part, the employer is looking for someone with some hands-on experience, someone who can do the job as per the requirements.
During the interview, you should explain how you have been involved in such work in the past, and the skills you acquired that will come in handy with this new job.
3.Define what excites you about the job?
No employer will hire someone who does not show a high level of excitement for the job. That said, you must explain to the employer what part of the job excites you the most.
What is it about the job, you are looking forward to?
Show enthusiasm. For example, you can tell the employer that you have always wanted to do this type of work, and your previous experience will be a continuation of just what you have been doing in the past.
An employer wants to employ someone who loves the job, and someone who is looking to excel in whichever role presented to them.
4. Research on possible questions that you will be asked
I guarantee you that every employer will ask you to tell them about yourself. Therefore, you need to be armed with good answers for the obvious questions every employer is bound to ask.
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5.Your questions for them
Never leave an interview without asking the employer a question. Find out about the working hours for example, their expectations for the successful candidate, their vision for the company etc.
It shows that you are truly interested in the job.
In summary, you need to envision the interview and even go as far as practising your answers in front of a mirror before the D-day.
Alternatively, you can seek the help by a Professional Interview Coach who will take you through a 2-hour Mock Interview session and give you the necessary guidance.
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