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How many times do you find yourself rushing to meet deadlines when you had more than enough time to do the work?
Time wasting is something very many people struggle with and it is a big hindrance to productivity. The truth is you are less likely to succeed if you do not manage your time well. If you are still struggling with this here are a few tips to help you better yourself in that aspect.

Benefits of time management

1. Less stress.
Think of all those times you had to rush to do things at the last minute. You were stressed about not meeting the deadline and probably getting in trouble for it.
2. More free time
Good time management frees up more time that you can use to work on other things like your business, part time job or whatever.
3. Get more done.
When you manage your time well you give yourself an opportunity to work on more than you normally would.
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Here is a list of time management tips you can use

1. Have Clear Goals.
You cannot work efficiently if you do not know what you are working towards or for. Therefore it is important that you come up with goals both short term and long term as it will help you stay focused and avoid time wasting.
2. Prioritize
It is important to know what is more urgent and what can wait a little longer. This way you start working on what is more important first and complete it on time. This will help you avoid working on a project that is needed next week and failing to complete one needed tomorrow.
3. Plan Ahead
Planning is a very important step when trying to manage your time wisely. Without proper planning you will be working blind. This will mean that you spend most of your time trying to figure out what to do. This in turn wastes a lot of time.
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4. Eliminate Distractions
This means that when you are working you need to stay away from things that distract you. Things like your phone, social media, the television, friends etc.
If you are working from home avoid working close to the TV as you will not get anything done. Put your phone on silent and ensure that you do not get distracted.
5. Add value to your time
Most people will get the impact time wasting has on your life when you add a monetary value to every hour.
For example you can say that each hour you waste represents 500 shillings. That way if you waste 5 hours watching something irrelevant on TV you would have wasted 25,000 shillings.
This will act as a great motivator for time management.
6. Take care of yourself
This is a very important aspect to time management. You need to ensure that you take time to just relax every day something like 15-30 minutes and use this time to meditate and clear your mind.
This will ensure that when you go back to work you do not have to struggle to concentrate which is a huge time waster.
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All in all good time management will ensure that you do your work efficiently and avoid unnecessary conflicts with people you work with or even in your personal life.
The writer is a communication officer and digital marketer at Career Point Kenya. Email: