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By Susan Gitonga

You probably are thinking of starting a business and maybe the idea of an M-pesa shop has crossed your mind. Like any business, running an M-pesa shop is very profitable and with the right know-how of its operations and  with the right approach, this is one business you can make a fortune out of.

So what exactly does one need in order to open an M-pesa shop? Let’s find out

Things you need before setting up an M-pesa shop


In order to run an M-pesa shop as a sub-dealer, you will need around Kshs 100,000 in float for your shop, as well as money for rent, branding and acquiring a line.

After having all these things established, Safaricom will then start paying you a commission for every transaction you make and this also includes:

1.Registering an Mpesa user

2.Taking Deposits

3.Enabling Withdrawals

4.Loading Airtime.

The downside of this is that earnings can be as low as Ksh4.

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2. You Need An Agent

As a sub-dealer, you require the help of an agent. An agent helps you in acquiring an M-Pesa line and also ensures that you fulfil all the requirements needed before you sign a contract to start the business.

Besides this Safaricom also requires the following from the Agent:

1.Company Registration

2.At least 3 outlets ready to offer M-Pesa services

3. At least Sh 300,000 made available for each outlet for float and sim replacement cards

4. Be in trading for at least 6 months

5.Have qualified staff to run the outlets

6.Have an ETR Machine

7. Have a Computer

8. Have a Printer

9. Have internet connectivity, among other technical requirements.

3. You Need To Have A Branded Shop

It is close to impossible to operate an M-Pesa shop that is not branded. It is important to note that it is the Agent who brands your shop, after you as the subdealer has met the requirements needed. The cost of opening an M-Pesa shop varies with the location.

4. You Need Volumes

As we saw earlier, the much you can make in the M-Pesa business can be as low as KSh4 per transaction, this therefore means that your business must be able to attract many people in order to make you substantial money.

This also means that you should set up your shop in a busy area where more people can visit your shop and access M-Pesa services.

Things you do not necessarily need in order to start an M-Pesa shop

1. You Don’t  Need Many employees

I have seen a very busy M-Pesa shop being run by one person only. Bearing in mind that the earnings of the shop can be very low depending on the customers, having many employees will be an added cost.

However, if you have many outlets, it is wise to have an employee for every shop. These employees should have a KCSE minimum qualification.

2. You Don’t Need Many Licenses

In order to open your M-Pesa shop, all you need is a single business permit. That is all the Government and Safaricom requires.

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And there you have it, those are some of the key things you need in order to set up your Mpesa shop.

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Compiled by Susan Gitonga, a Communications officer at career Point Kenya. Email:

Source: Daily Nation