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Have you been writing cover letters but you do not seem to get shortlisted for any position? You definitely have a good introduction but is it powerful enough to make a lasting impression on the hiring manager?

“A cover letter introduction is meant to grab attention and make you stand out. This introduction can include your qualifications, background, where and how you got the job and how it goes hand in hand with the position advertised for.

For effectiveness it should be between 3-5 sentences; not too long nor too short,” says Ms. Lucy Mutungi, a career advisor at Corporate Staffing Services.

How you introduce yourself leaves a lasting impression. A cover letter is the first meeting with your hiring manager. Here are the tips you can utilize to create a powerful introduction:

1. Mention Your Contact For The Job

“If the job was advertised in a newspaper or online or a contact referred you to it mention it,” advices Ms. Mutungi.

Example: “I am writing to express my interest in the position of assistant manager as advertised in FGH magazine/ JKL newspaper.”

“I am writing to express my interest in the sales executive position that is open at ABC Company. My colleague/ one of your sales managers let me know about the open position and recommended that I contact you.”

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2. Befit The Needs Of The Employer.

“Analyze the job description in detail. What skills do they require for the position? Use the details to tailor your introduction,” Ms. Mutungi says.

Example: “As a customer care representative, my good organization skills and attention to detail will maintain solid customer relationships by handling questions and concerns with speed and professionalism…”

3. Introduce Yourself

Ms. Mutungi states that when using this angle one can summarize themselves in terms of qualifications and experience.

Example: “I am a professional in administration with 2 years’ proven experience in providing administrative and personal assistant services to senior level staff in an international environment under minimal supervision with high attention to detail and accuracy.”

4. Utilize past major roles

“One can use their major roles in their years of experience and jobs to sell themselves to the hiring manager,” she adds.

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Example: “My proven track record of successfully increasing the size of potential client database, preparing a sales plan and developing new ways of sourcing for clients makes me an ideal candidate for the business development officer position.”

5. Highlight the competencies gained

“You can speak of the experience you have and mention your key skills attained when you handled the positions,” advices Ms. Mutungi.

Example: “I possess excellent knowledge of business finance and processes, strong verbal and written communication skills and strong administration and organizational skills which will come in handy with the human resource intern position…”

“As an ICT officer with one and a half years experience I possess experience in deploying and maintaining a Wi-Fi network and ERP System, good analytic and management skills and proficiency in latest technology for IT systems.”

Add the perfection touch to your cover letter introduction and get shortlisted for that dream job.