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Don’t be that person who always leaves an interview room full of regrets. Probably saying, “If only I knew the right words to say or, had I answered all the questions, and had I composed and conducted myself with manners…. I could have landed that job!”

Unfortunately, all these thoughts come after the interview. As they say failing to plan is purely planning to fail. Instead, be proactive and schedule a mock interview today.

A mock interview is a special one on one appointment with a Human Resource expert/ Career Advisor to help you prepare and strategize for your next interview or other future interviews.

You see, having a professional CV and Cover letter  might get you an invitation to an interview, but the final test comes the day you face the hiring manager. You are out to sell yourself. The way you respond to issues raised in the interview matters a lot.

Why not meet an expert to take you through an example of an interview? Save yourself the trouble and invest in good interview coaching.

Here are 6 Benefits of a Mock Interview

1. It’s Private

When you meet a Interview Coaching Expert such as Ms. Lucy Mutungi of Corporate Staffing Services , you can be guaranteed that your session will be very private. The preparation interview is conducted in a very comfortable environment that keeps you at ease.

You are clearly made to understand the other side of the interview, what is expected of you and how to overcome seemingly terrifying scenarios or questions.

2. You are Given Feedback

When you sign up for mock interview, the Career Counselor will give you feedback, unlike the actual interview where a lot is left unsaid. The benefit of this feedback is that it helps you know your weak areas, your strengths and where you need to improve on before the real interview.

Making you understand how you can perform in an interview is worthy taking note of. You are taught on the right body language, tone, and overall presentation. These aspects rank highly on the checklist the HR would carry along during the interview.

3. You are Told The Questions To Expect

This is outright leakage. Having a mock interview with a Hiring Manager will expose you to all the possible questions you will be asked for the interview you are yet to have. The HR expert will familiarize you with all the tricks that lie beneath all interview questions.

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4. You’re Taught How to Answer Questions

The HR expert will tell you what answers employers expect from you through the answers you give. That way, you are able to stay within the right frame of mind with the employer and ultimately land the job.

Sometimes, candidates lose out on jobs because they give irrelevant information; they give off-the-topic answers and get sidetracked. In a mock interview you are taught to be precise, straight to the idea being discussed.

5. You’re At Ease

A mock interview keeps you at ease because you are also allowed to ask questions that may arise from the interview. This gives you the confidence in your next interview. No one wishes to fidget throughout the interview. Being nervous make the ideas you would otherwise share with the panel to disappear.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

When you meet with the HR consultant, you can be sure that you will not leave the same way you walked in. You are prepared thoroughly to ensure that the job you are really praying and hoping for becomes yours, and that’s what you want, don’t you?

Don’t take any interview lightly, it’s the defining moment. You are in competition with other candidates, you need the help of a HR Consultant/ Career Advisor, so that you stay on top of your game and walk away with an offer letter of your dream job!

All the best.

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