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By Lilian Wamaitha
It’s finally the holiday and I don’t know if you are as excited as I am to finally end the year.
It’s been a pretty good year for me and my team at Career Point Kenya and I sure hope it has been good for you too.
In the spirit of the ongoing celebrations, we have decided to share with you, our esteemed readers a recap of the year that was for Career Point Kenya.
But before we look at that we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and readership of our content and it is our hope that 2018 will be bigger and better for all of us as.
1. Biggest Milestones
This year thanks to your continued support, Career Point became one of the most searched for jobsites in Kenya beating so many others in the process. With good content we have managed to become a part of all your lives, touching individuals and changing lives to become bigger and better.
Our articles ranging from career advice, hos to start a business, cover letters, job search and inspirational pieces and the continued readership by you is the reason we are here today.
It has been a great year and we can only hope for a better 2018 and it’s our hope that you will still be here to walk this journey with us.
2. Most exciting day of 2017
Life is all about surprises and so when we least expect it, life can surprise us.
Whether it’s some news from a friend or the start or a new job, you must admit that we all love to have something good going on in our lives.
Towards the end of this year, two new employees were added to the team and it was very exciting. We were happy to have new faces and new talent joining us.
3. Most Challenging days
This year has been full of challenges for us as a country. With the political turmoil that was going on since August, the most affected were businesses and we have not been left behind.
But what are challenges if you can rise above them, right?
With the stability that has been there, we can only say that, yes, it’s been somehow a rough year, but we have managed to keep our cool.
4. Best Article Of 2017
We write hundreds of here and we are grateful to have a team of talented writers working behind the scenes to inspire you and motivate you to face all that life has to offer.
One of the articles that sparked a lot of reactions and appreciation from our readers was a business related article titled; 8 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With As Low As 5-10K.
As it is we are giving you something more to look forward to than just employment. One of our goals is to inspire a generation that is self-reliant and independent.
5. Best comment of 2017
As part of the Career Point Kenya Team, we are always delighted to when we read all the comments that’s stream in on the articles we write.
It not only keeps us motivated to do more, but it is an assurance that through us, lives are being changed for the better.
This year an article ‘An Open Letter To 20 Something Young Kenyans’ ran on Career Point and the one comment that touched us all was by Johnston Kamau, reading
“Am just writing to express my gratitude to you guys. For the last say one year now i have been reading your staff and i can proudly say that i have learn a lot. The career path was so rocky before but now through following tour instructions carefully i feel am heading somewhere.
Am currently a volunteer in West Pokot under the government program known as G-UNITED with my one year term coming to an end this August. Am confident i will have a fulfilling career after this.
The open letter to 20 something young Kenyans is rather intriguing but an eye opener and so has really encouraged me to keep moving on and avoid unnecessary battles with life.”
They say the best is yet to come and that’s what I believe, we have worked hard this year and we couldn’t have done it without you. It is my belief that 2018 will be a great year for all of us.
What was your best highlight this year? Share with us, we would love to know.
Lilian is a Communications Officer at Career Point Kenya. Email: