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The ultimate goal of your CV is to get a job. When writing your curriculum vitae, you’re looking for the best way to market your skills, experience, and qualifications. This way, an employer will see that you’re suitable for a particular position.

However, with the employment market full of professionals looking for a job, you have to write your CV so that it is able to stand out.

How do you then write a CV that will stand out and get the job?

According to Brenda, a career adviser at Corporate Staffing Services who helps professionals with professional CV writing service, here is how to write a CV:


1. Tailor your CV to a specific job

When looking for a job, you might get tempted to apply for as many opportunities as you can. However, this can negatively affect your search success.

When you apply for multiple positions, you’ll likely have a generic CV going out to all the organizations. With this, there will be little connection with a specific employer.

To fix this, write your CV with every application you make. Take time and go through the job description. Then, highlight the areas in your CV that match the company’s needs.

For example, if you see they are looking for a professional with a certain skill, if you possess the skill, it should be the first skill you highlight on your Curriculum Vitae.

The description can help you write a CV to what a particular employer is looking for.

2. Select a relevant CV format when writing a CV

There are countless formats you can choose from when writing a CV. Some reduce the information to fit one page, there are those with infographics, and so forth.

Before writing your CV, think about the message you’d like to portray to the employer.

A professional Curriculum Vitae Format should be neat and clearly segmented. An employer won’t spend time trying to figure out where you put your educational background.


3. Strategically place keywords in the CV

When an opportunity is advertised, there is the ideal candidate in mind. To increase your chances of getting the opportunity, you want to be as close to the ideal candidate as possible.

While going through the description, establish the keywords and phrases that have been detailed in the CV. Use the keywords you identify to write a CV for a job application.

Do not, however, over-fill the CV with these keywords as this will be noticed. Try and have the keywords appearing as natural as possible.

4. Highlight your skills and experience

When learning how to write the best CV in Kenya, your major focus should be on your skills and accomplishments.

Remember everyone applying for that job has a similar educational background, so the only way you can show that you are unique is to focus on your skills and competencies.

Employers hire people who will add value to the organization. So if you can clearly show what you have to offer that others don’t, then you increase your chances of getting the job.

There is no point in focusing on skills such as Good communication skills, leadership or the likes. Your CV should have more emphasis on position-based skills.

For example, as an accounting professional, you should highlight the ability to use accounting software such as QuickBooks and experience in the same.

5. Get Professional Help For CV Writing

Your CV will help the employer decide whether to invite you for an interview or not. If you have a professional CV that clearly showcases your skills, experience, and qualifications, your chances of being called in for an interview are higher.

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