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By Kibet Tobias
Looking for a job or choosing a career is a very challenging process for many of us. Hundreds of thousands of people apply for the same jobs advertised. This means that everyone is competing for the same obvious jobs.
But then there are those jobs that have the least competition. They pay well but nobody wants to do them.
It is human nature to want a white collar job, but what happens when you have been looking for a job for so long but can’t seem to find one? The current job market is unpredictable and as such you have heard people say things like “usichague kazi”
This article seeks to reveal some of the well-paying jobs that go unnoticed because they are often regarded as not respectable or ‘dirty money’ jobs.
Have a look!

Here are The Most Unpopular Well-paying Jobs That Nobody Wants

1. Sewage maintenance
As it sounds, this job is dirty and maybe disgusting to most people. However, specialists working in sewage industry play an important role in our daily live. They keep our environment clean by ensuring our sewage systems are working. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
The advantage of working as a sewage maintenance specialist is the good money! Depending on your experience and professionalism, you can earn up to 50K per month.
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2. Plumbers
This occupation can be the most undesirable to you. However, you need to realize that the potential income for this job is quite lucrative.
As plumber your duties include fitting, servicing and repairing water pipes and heating systems.
Plumbers can earn up to 2K per day. At the end of the month, he/she receives an average of 50K.
It might not seem like a great deal, but with great experience comes great income.
3. Garbage Collection
Garbage collection has been a way of living to a number of people in Kenya. It may not be a perfect job for everyone but the salary is rather reasonable.
Take for instance Richard Karimi who runs a garbage collection company. It is odd and dirty but he earns really well from the garbage business. He says he likes this job and he’s not leaving any time soon.
If you feel you could do this business, give it a try!
4.  Electrical Technician
As an electrical technician, you install and maintain the electrical systems for businesses, factories, and homes.
To qualify for this job, you don’t necessarily have to have gone to college. You can attach yourself to an established electrician or firm to learn the skills. Work with them and develop your electrical skills while building a career.
Electrical Technicians can earn a monthly income of up to 50K for a job.
5. Bakery
I know some bakers who run their own small bakery business and earn an average of 3 -4K per day. Starting your own business can be challenging as you may not have the resources, but if you have the passion and ambition for bakery, then this job may suit you well. You can try it!
6. Drivers and conductors
Most people think that this job is only meant for the uneducated. That’s wrong. Actually matatu drivers and conductors earn a pretty decent salary and make a lot more than their counterparts in white collar jobs.
We have heard and read many true stories about successful people who started working as matatu conductors or drivers and later bought own vehicles. What does this tell you? This career is rewarding. You just need to be focused.
You don’t need any certificate to be a driver but the salary will pay all your bills.
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The average salary for a driver is Ksh 30,000.
7. Salesperson or Broker
The field of sales is often disregarded by most people, but it is a lucrative and very rewarding career. Salespeople or ‘brokers’ earn attractive incomes through commissions and even salaries. You only need to be confident and persuasive to fit this career.
Depending on the industry you work for, the more hardworkinging you are, the more the reward.
For starters, some sales job pays at least 30K plus commissions. A degree or diploma isn’t necessary for this field.  Most employers just require a KCSE certificate plus an ability to make sales and meet targets.
In conclusion, it is clear you can still get a well-paying job in Kenya without necessarily being employed in a big company. Just change your attitude and make a choice.

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