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By Michelle Wanjiku
Success is something every one of us aspires to, however not everyone gets to achieve this because they are being held back by things they do or fail to do.
In this article, see some of the characteristics unsuccessful people have in common.
1. Spend time discussing problems as opposed to solutions
One very common characteristic of every unsuccessful person is that they are always complaining about one thing or another.
Negativity does not benefit anyone and if anything it only serves to prevent you from achieving anything. You will obviously come across some problems in your life but what distinguishes the successful people and non-successful one is how they handle the situation.
Instead of focusing on the problem you should focus more on finding a solution, this is what will lead you to become a successful person.
2. Too proud to learn anything outside the comfort zone
Another terrible habit unsuccessful people have is that they are not open to learning new things or accepting new ideas.
In order to be successful you need to continue growing and learning, anyone who thinks that they are good enough and already know everything are less likely to achieve any growth and as a result are not very successful.
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You need to be able to drop your ego if you want to succeed at whatever it is you are doing. You cannot know everything which means that you need to be willing to learn from others if you want to grow.
3. Unable to enjoy solitude
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be around your colleagues, friends or family. However, you should also be okay with having some time to yourself.
Being alone is actually a great way to grow yourself, it is a time you can use to reflect on yourself and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, where you want to go and what you need to change or do in order to achieve your goals.
So in order to become a successful person you need to be comfortable with spending some time alone.
4. Unwilling to make mistakes
Making mistakes is part and parcel of achieving growth and success because it helps you learn and know what works and what doesn’t.
However, if you are always afraid of making mistakes then you spend your time avoiding mistakes which means you are not taking any risks which is important if you want to achieve any sort of success.
By avoiding mistakes you are preventing yourself from taking opportunities that would help in your growth.
5. Slave for instant pleasure
Cases of people looking for immediate rewards such as get-rich quick schemes or courses promising to make you a millionaire have become very common.
The problem is if you are always focused on getting instant rewards, you will never work towards anything that is long-term which is the true definition of success.
You are also unable to complete any long term goals because this requires long term hard work and patience.
6. Live in the past or the future
By living in the past you are focusing on something you achieved in the past and spend a lot of time discussing the greatness of the past.
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By living in the future, you are focusing on how good your life will be in the years to come. You are always talking about what you might achieve in the future if only you had the right timing or the right opportunities.
This happens without realizing that in order to achieve success it is what you do now that really matters.
7. Love to compete with others
Competition is healthy because it keeps us working hard. However, there is a very thin line between healthy competition and comparing yourself to others.
Unsuccessful people are always focused on how they can beat others or become them instead of focusing on how they can improve themselves.
This can even lead to discouragement because you feel like you are not as good as everyone else which is definitely not a recipe for success.
In Conclusion,
You can try and work on any of these characteristics if you find you have any and also work towards trying to avoid turning into an unsuccessful person. Remember that success starts with you and the goals you set for yourself.