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(As Narrated By Brian, A Relationship Manager At A Leading Bank In Kenya)
See, I have always been an entertainer since childhood.
So I tend to think that this is more inborn rather than learned. Anyway, this was my 5th Relationship Manager interview in 3 months and I had sworn that it wasn’t going to be business as usual.
So as usual, I walked majestically into the room but this time more confident but a bit weird I presume because up to date I’ve never understood why they laughed.
I knew my end goal so I just staggered to my allocated seat and paused for the laughter to cease.
Then I started to talk!
Esther Kamau, a professional interview Coach at corporate staffing services had tipped me about all this, having coached professionals from various industries in Kenya for quite some time.
So it wasn’t so new. My mind was fixed on something bigger and I knew, I was headed right at it.
“So, Brian, tell us about yourself…”
Instantly, a tense silence fell on the panellists.
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The laughter died on their lips as if by magic. I expressed myself in a way I have never done before. I forgot all about my poor Kisii accent, my fear of the unknown and my CV gaps pitching the best version of myself ever.
And for the first time in 3 years, I was so eloquent in answering the ‘what’s your greatest weakness question’, so confident and convincing that I wondered who had taken over me.
Esther’s words kept keeping me on track and I could hear her warn me to avoid smiling in places where I am supposed to be serious and keep off those little jokes that could sell me short and so I did.
A Complete Triumph!
The eight panellists tirelessly fired all kinds of behavioural, analytical and even the simplest questions ever but I didn’t seem to hesitate in answering any them.
Not that I had all the answers but the art of getting around the questions was on point.
Wow! How things change.
I was completely new and I could see them marvel at my confidence. Even the difficult questions didn’t seem to shatter my confidence
And finally one of the panellists asked, “When are you available to start!”
I knew this was not a joke but a sign of good tidings.
How I FINALLY mastered the art of passing any interview
As a middle level professional in the banking sector, I always felt embarrassed appearing at interviews all anxious and sweaty.
Honestly, I knew I had to improve my interview skills but I didn’t know how.
Then I came across an article that was sent to my email about an interview coaching session at corporate staffing services.
The article seemed to talk about me. And I felt like wow, this must be the missing link.
I immediately clicked on the link that read something like click here to get a 1-on-one meet up with me for a completely life changing interview experience and I remember very clearly booking a one and half hour Monday morning session.
It was amazing going through the mock interview with the coach.
Ace any Interview…
Now, the most important thing as a professional is to believe is that you too can teach yourself to impress any employer.
You can’t go wrong in any interview with this kind of coaching that has transformed tens of people into confident interview candidate (myself included).
Firstly, you need to pinpoint why employers never call you back for interviews and start from this point.
This was my main breakthrough point.
In fact, according to a CareerBuilder survey, a staggering 75% of job applicants said they didn’t hear back from a position they felt qualified for and applied for.
So the secret here is to answer the question ‘WHY’.
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