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Judith Moraa
Never make the mistake of underestimating the tremendous power of your CV in your job hunt.
Job seekers (and probably yourself) who do not consider their CVs as important as themselves end up losing a big time in the general job application outcome.
See, the employer does not know you…
They rely fully on your CV for information about you. When they start combing through their piles of CVs, having an eye-catching CV for yourself can mean the difference between getting that second interview and getting lost in the shuffle.
While you don’t want to go too crazy and turn your CV into a colourful flyer for a kid’s birthday party, thoughtful use of font, spacing can give your CV that little extra something that sets it apart from the rest of the bunch.
Here are seven good reasons why investing your time, effort and hard-earned money in a great CV will give you expected results.
1. A GREAT CV creates the right mind-set
A professionally written CV really does put you in the right frame of mind for your job search.
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Confidence is attractive.
And with the confidence you have when you know that your job search tool kit is on point, even the ‘tell me about yourself question’ will not sound as rocket science as it normally does.
2. A GREAT CV flexes your employability muscle
If you put out there your best professional version to any job you apply to, you can truly test what the market thinks you are worth.
A confident summary will position you in the recruiter’s mind if you recognise your own value, then others will consider you as someone who can command respect and a salary commensurate with what they know they can offer.
Test it out and see just how strong you are.
3. A GREAT CV reduces your job hunt chronicles
Looking for a job is a job itself.
The multiple applications, the regret emails without mentioning the ignored emails.
You end feeling exhausted and worn out from the whole process with no visible results. On the other hand, a good CV will always show you that your effort is indeed bringing results.
You will get few interview calls or multiple call at ago since every employer wants you to bring your skill into their team.
Why not reduce your leg work!
You can still use your old CV for applications and wait for feedback in months which might or might not come.
But if you’re tired of being ignored by employers then a professionally written CV is worth the investment.
4. Finally, A GREAT CV offers you a firm footing for the future
I’m sure if you are an entry level professional, you’re looking forward to better opportunities in your career as you grow yourself professionally.
Now, whether you are just starting out or making a considered move from one role to another, your first step forward can be everything.
A compelling CV is important at this point to secure that ideal job.
If you put out a mediocre CV, chances are that you’ll secure a mediocre job that I know you won’t like.
You are worth more than that.
So go all out and ask for the best version of your future with a first class CV here.