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By Lilian Wamaitha
Have you ever set for yourself a goal that was too big that instead of being passionate about seeing it through, you ended up being stressed, feeling anxious and even at some point wondered why you were doing that in the first place?
Maybe you are thinking about going into business or making a major career move but have no idea what to do. Though you were convinced that it’s what you wanted, you are now stuck and cannot even remember why you wanted it so much.
Have you ever thought that it’s possible to covert that anxiety and feeling that you are not doing enough into something positive in a way that you can actually see results?
Think about this; why do some people succeed where others have failed? Success lies in knowing what is important and going after what you want with resilience and determination.
Here are things to remember if you want to turn that stress into success;
1. You must want to succeed from the very beginning
Nobody succeeds in life just by wishing it. It is something you plan out and dedicate your time and energy to seeing it through.
What I am saying is that, you must be passionate about what you want from the very beginning. You will never succeed by chasing someone else’s dreams because when you think about it that was not your dream to begin with.
If you don’t have the heart for what you want to do, don’t have that fire inside of you, success is highly unlikely.
Life is all about working towards something that you want.
2. Accept what you cannot change
When you think about it, you cannot change whatever you have experienced in your life up to today. Its history and that is where it should remain. One of the greatest time and energy wasters you can ever have in your life is looking back at all the opportunities you have missed and stressing about them.
Learn to forgive your short comings and realize that you are not perfect. We have all fallen short at some point in our lives and three is no need stressing about that.
Maybe it was a job that went wrong, an interview that you didn’t do so well at, a relationship that you did not fight for, and you keep playing all these scenarios over and over again in your life.
I know it may sound like a cliché but you need to accept all the mistakes that you have made and channel that anger into something meaningful.
The best way you can ever repay yourself for all those mistakes is by working towards making today a success.
3. Learn to identify good and bad stress
Naturally, when you are trying to create a vision for yourself, at some point you will experience stress, but what is important is if you are able to identify good and bad stress.
The human body grows in response to stress. When you are chasing your dreams as you have noticed, it will never be a smooth sailing, but you should allow those ups and downs to make you stronger.
Bad stress is when you lose control of your life. You let go of your passion into a kind of safety zone and yet things still go wrong. This kind of stress is deliberating and makes you weak and contributes to what we call the “poor me” mindset.
No one ever achieved success by feeling sorry for themselves.
There is something called the self-fulfilling prophecy, in that you are what you think you are and you become what you think you will be.
If you believe that you are so helpless to make your dreams come true, that is exactly what will happen to you. You will keep working hard but as long as you think of yourself as a victim, success becomes afar fetched dream that will never come true.
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4. Surround yourself with success stories
Put yourself in a situation where you can see people already achieving what you are striving for. They are getting their dream careers and establishing their businesses. Let that energy rub off on you.
Think about it, you are more likely to sky dive if everyone else is doing it successfully and loving it. Start seeing yourself as one of these people who are doing something and succeeding at it by converting that anxiety into seeing something through.
Now it’s your turn
Stress is just a state of mind and you can either choose to see it as road block or something to propel you to act and chase your dreams. Don’t allow failure to be the reason why you stop pursuing anything simply because you are afraid.
Lilian is a Communication Officer at Career Point Kenya and has a passion of improving other people’s lives through everyday inspiration. Leave a comment below if you agree with this article.