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CV writing experts at Corporate Staffing Services say that in a job market where recruiters review an average of up to 250 applications per job listing, as a digital marketer, you need to submit a resume that stands out!
But then you wonder, how does a CV that stands out look like?
Now, while having a degree and impressive work experience is ideal for any job role in Kenya today, building some tech skills is an excellent way to immediately bolster your CV, even if you’re just entering the employment market.
The tech skills you choose to learn should reflect your career goals, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
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In this day and age, the more you know, the more valuable you are.

Here are some essential skills you can learn and add in your CV to stand out

1. A Passion For Writing
The word “wrote” should consistently reappear on your CV when describing the previous work experiences of a digital marketer.
It can appear as wrote SEO optimized blog posts. Wrote website copy. Wrote social media status updates. Wrote email campaigns. You get the idea.
As a digital marketer, you need to be comfortable writing an SEO optimized blog post, a client recap email and a witty status update.
This is what the employer will be looking for.
2. Social media expertise
In this digital age, everyone is online.
Having a curated presence on social media is great not just enough.
You can also strive to understanding the types of tools businesses use to manage social media even though you are not in the communication or marketing department.
It just puts you in good light and makes you appear more resourceful than you peers.
3. Graphic design and videography knowledge
It’s not necessary to be an amazing designer, but it will certainly help to be able to hack together a graphic that doesn’t look terrible.
Let the employer know that this is one of your ability.
Knowing your way around Adobe Creative Suite allows you an opportunity to stand out in many positions.
This include your ability to make promotional graphics for social media, make informative graphics for blog posts etc.
If it’s something you find joy in, take small courses to master these skills.
4. A keen eye for creativity
Digital marketing requires you to take a product or service and talk about it in a unique way about 150 times a year (assuming you have three social media posts per week, the average number that we post on behalf of clients).
As a digital marketer job seeker, you need to look at a product or service and see what others don’t see then show the employer this perspective.
This is what I call being creative.
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