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When it comes to CV writing, your goal is to show the employer that you are a perfect fit for the position. This means that at times you will list certain skills that you think you have but in reality mean something completely different to the employer.
Not to mention that some of these skills don’t have to be mentioned it is expected that you already have them.

So what are some of these skills that you should not include in your CV?

1. Basic computer skills and word processing
Some years back including this in your CV would have given you an advantage over the other applicants who didn’t have basic computer skills; it is why so many people decided to do computer packages after high school.
However, now, it is expected that anyone who went through university or college knows how to use a computer. This means that adding such a skill will only show the employer that that is all you know how to do on a computer as well as take up space on your CV.
If you do have to include computer skills, ensure it is something above the normal basic skills everyone else has.
By removing this unnecessary skill from your curriculum vitae you are actually giving yourself more space to add skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for.
2. Social Media Proficient
Contrary to popular belief, just because you are on all the popular social media platforms and have a great following does not mean you have Social Media Marketing skills.
Social Media Marketing is its own career field and you should not list it in your CV unless you have the experience to back it up.
To you, adding this in your CV could be a way to show the employer that you are up with the trends but to the employer, this means that you can manage more than one social media account, build brand voices for each one, read and analyze data then use it to boost the organization’s online presence, and run marketing campaigns.
So really, if you cannot do any of the above, there is no point in listing Social Media Savvy on your curriculum vitae.
You can, however, better your social media skills by learning more about analytics, content marketing, and social media management tools. After which you can then include this skill on your CV.
3. Language skills
In the current job market, it is important to have any bit of edge you can over other job applicants. Knowing a second language can help you with that especially if you want to work for an NGO or in the hospitality industry.
However, just having a basic understanding of a foreign language where you can only say hello, is not enough to add it to your CV.
When you include that you can speak a different language, for example, French on your CV the employer will automatically think that you are fluent in that you can hold conversations and also write in French.
Therefore, if you are not fluent in any language, there is no point in adding to your CV if you want to include it, then you need to ensure you become fluent.
You can explain to the employer that you have a basic knowledge of the language during the interview.
In conclusion,
Does your CV have any of the skills listed above? Putting these skills on your CV yet you don’t have them could be considered lying which will definitely ruin your chances of getting the job. Not only that but some organizations would even go as far as blacklisting you. Which means you will never be able to get a job in that company.
You need to be careful what skills you put into your CV because this is what will determine whether or not you get called for an interview.
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