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By Kibet Tobias
We all know that having a CV is important when you are looking for a job; but is it really the most important document you will need to secure a job interview?
According to Ms. Rebecca Nyawira, a CV writing expert at Corporate Staffing Services having a killer cover letter is the most important weapon you need in order to fight the job search battle and win it.
Just to remind you, a cover letter is a letter that introduces you to the potential employer showing your accomplishments and why exactly you are the best candidate fit for the position.
If you are still wondering whether to send your CV with a cover letter or just your CV, it is time to stop your doubts.
Here Are Some Reasons Why A Cover Letter Is Very Important Than Your CV
1. Cover letter grabs the employer’s attention
Ms. Nyawira says that most employers read your cover letter first before your CV.
“Some recruiters may not even consider your CV until they are satisfied with the details in your letter,” she advises.
You need to know that the recruiter is going through several job applications for the same position and so they have about 60 seconds to go through each one of them.
By looking at your cover letter an employer will be able to tell if you are qualified for the position and if you will be a great fit.
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2. A cover letter showcases your skills and qualifications
Ms. Nyawira notes that an employer will want to know if you have the right qualifications for the job before they even look at your CV.
“A cover letter is where you explain in details what makes you qualified for the position in terms of skills, experiences and competencies that you have acquired within the years. Such information is not easy to deduce from a CV,” she adds.
3. It helps to relate yourself to the company
When writing your cover letter, do you always do some research about the company you are applying to? Are you familiar with their products and services? Do you know their vision and mission?
If you are familiar with them, your cover letter allows you to genuinely show your interest in them. It demonstrates that you are a great fit for the company’s culture.
4. It helps you apply for a specific job
Your cover letter should explain to the employer what it is attractive to you about the job and why you want to work for them.
If you have been looking for a job for a long time, it is only natural to make blind applications.
However, a cover letter allows you to tailor your application to a specific job.
That said, what do you do if the employer has not disclosed in the job advert that the cover letter is to be sent with CV?  To be on a safer side, you still have to write and send a cover letter with your CV when applying for a job.
If you are having difficulties drafting the best cover letter that recruiters will actually read, contact Ms Nyawira today by sending her a quick email at
The writer is a Communication Officer/Digital Marketer at Career Point Kenya.