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By Kibet Tobias
When you graduated from University, you had hopes that you will land a job immediately and so did I.
However, finding one is not always easy because the job market keeps getting competitive.
For the lucky ones, they know what they should do to make the hunting easy and smooth.
In this article, find out some of the things you do that make your job search process harder on yourself.
1. You have not updated your CV
When you are looking for a job, your CV is the first thing to consider. You should ensure it is professionally written and updated. I know you want a job, and sometimes you can be tempted to just apply for a job with the current CV you have.
And there is nothing wrong with that. The question is; is it updated? Is it interesting and appealing to the recruiter?
A lot of job seekers tend to ignore this because they believe that they are already qualified. But this shouldn’t be the case.
Always tailor every CV to the job you are applying for.
2. You apply for jobs that don’t match your qualifications
When you have been looking for job for a long time, you may be tempted to apply for as many jobs as you can in the hope of increasing your chances of getting the job.
This is not true because most of the time you will be applying for jobs that you don’t even qualify for.
By doing this you will make things even more difficult on yourself. Mind the quality not the quantity.

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3. You are lying on your CV
We have all lied at one point or another. That’s natural. But when it comes to looking for a job, it is good to stick to honesty. Never lie on your CV or during an interview.
Don’t assume that your potential employer is dumb. As I mentioned earlier, you have to update your CV to match the position you are applying for.
This doesn’t mean copying every detail in the job description to your CV from years of experience, industry and many more.
Let the CV convey who you truly are even if you won’t get hired.
4. You are Arrive late for interviews
You have done everything else right. From writing your CV, sending the job application and now you are almost getting the job. You are at the last stage – interviews. Why should you be late for the interview?
A lot of job seekers have been locked out of opportunities just because they arrived late.
A lot of people are looking for the same position, so slight mistakes like lateness can cost you. If you are late due to any genuine reason, make a call to inform the interviewer what has happened.
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5. You dress inappropriately for the interview
A suit is not always the ideal outfit for the job interview. There are several other ways you can impressively dress for an interview.
First impression always lasts and the first thing that an interviewer will note is how you are dressed.
In the end, these are just but a few things you could be doing that are making your job hunting take longer. Identify where and what you are doing wrong and correct it now to improve your chances of getting a job. Be strategic and soon an opportunity will come knocking at your door.
The writer is a Communications/Digital Marketing Specialist at Career Point Kenya. Have any CV related questions? Email them to