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As a student or recent graduate there are many important things we were not taught in class. You were not shown how to get a job and what to expect in the professional world.
Here are 5 career secrets you should know before you graduate
1. That you need a professional CV to get a job
While in school, no one, even teachers and lecturers ever mentioned to me that having a CV was a very important tool for successful job search after graduation. All were taught was ‘Education is the key to success. So most of us just wanted to graduate, get a job automatically and succeed in life.
After looking for a job for two years without success, I approached a friend who asked to see my CV. He pointed out that my CV was the one letting me down. It was not professional to fit the current job market.
A professional CV is your marketing tool in the real world. Even when you don’t have any work experience, you need one that contains your skills and introduces you to Kenyan employers.
It is important that you seek help from CV Writing professionally in Kenya and ensure that you increase your chances of getting interviews with a professional CV.
2. You need a personal brand
You have probably heard of something called Personal Branding. Do you know what it is?
Just to remind you, it is the art of marketing and positioning your skills and competencies in order to package yourself well for the job market.
I was never taught in school that failing to brand you can affect your job search. You need to brand yourself as an expert in your own field even when you are not. Let the potential employers believe in your abilities by just looking at your CV.
3. Having a mentor is important to your career
Do you have a mentor?  If you don’t, it is time to find one. In the university, I rarely heard people talked about the importance of having a mentor. Many people wanted to finish school, work on their own and achieve their goals.
However, in the real world, I have noted that everyone needs a support system. In the course of your career, you need to find someone to guide and advise you through the journey.
A mentor is someone you admire. The one who has gone through the life you want to live. They have firsthand experience in your field and so you can learn from them.
4. Networking is good
When did you start networking? Have you ever benefited from your networks?
Some have been lucky, while others are yet to see the fruits of having good networks.
You may have not been taught on how to network by networking, but we all live in a world where information is accessible anytime through social media.
Online platforms provide great professional networking without much stress. You can consider using LinkedIn or interpersonal relationships to develop networks which can connect you with opportunities.
This way, you might get a job and progress in your career.
5. Never burn bridges
If you want to live a very fulfilling life, never burn a bridge. Whatever someone has done to you, always show compassion and acknowledge that people are unique and can behave differently.
Truth is, you never know when you will need their help again.
In the end
Do you think you have other career secrets you have learned in life that you were never taught in school?
Let me know in the comments section below.  Let’s continue the discussion!