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By Michelle Wanjiku
Have you ever wondered what employers want when it comes to who they hire for certain positions? As a job seeker you have probably applied for a lot of jobs without getting any response from the employer and this can leave you wondering what criteria they use to pick candidates.
In this article, I will take you through some of the things that employers pay close attention to when hiring for any position.
1. A good application
The first thing an employer will see is your CV or cover letter. So if they are not done well-and do not show that you are qualified for the position; you will not be considered for that job.
This is why you need to make an effort to improve your CV and cover letter and ensure that it is a document that can impress the employer.
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Ensure your CV sells your skills and qualifications to the employer and is not full of grammatical errors. It needs to be a document that will not be thrown in the trash after the first few seconds of looking at it.
2. Someone with experience
The truth of the matter is, employers rarely want to start training you for a position. They also want to have an assurance that you can handle the daily tasks because they can see that you have done the same before.
If you have no experience you are basically asking the employer to trust that you will be able to perform and to take a risk and hire you. Sadly, this is something very few employers are willing to do.
So, even if you are a fresh graduate, try and gain some experience by taking on internships (paid or unpaid) and volunteer at some organizations. This will boost your chances of getting a job.
According to Ida Kibunja a recruitment manager at Corporate Staffing Services, you can be considered for a position if you are missing just a few months of the required experience.
For example, if a job requires two years of experience, some organizations are willing to give people with one plus years’ experience a chance. However, you will not be considered for the same position if you have only six months experience.
To get a job, you need to focus your applications on jobs you actually have the required experience for.
3. Someone with the right skills &qualifications
These are very different from experience, whereas, in some industries and jobs, it doesn’t matter what you studied in school. Most companies can be very specific about wanting someone who has the background.
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For example, you cannot apply for a position as an accountant if you have a communication degree or diploma.
When it comes to skills, employers want to see that you possess the right skills to do the job well which is why it is very important to emphasize your soft and hard skills when applying for a job.
In some instances, an employer would prefer to hire someone with the skills as opposed to someone with the qualifications especially with people looking to make a career change.
In Conclusion,
Different employers look for different things when it comes to who they hire, but there are some common things that every employer will use to decide who to invite for an interview and who to give the job to.
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You need to ensure that you position yourself as a candidate an employer wants as this will increase your chances of getting a job.
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