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By Lilian Wamaitha
No matter what industry you are in, competition for jobs is at an all-time high. With a single position attracting hundreds of applicants, there is a need to ensure that you stand out and that you make it to the list of shortlisted candidates for the employer to consider you further.
When that is the case, a number of job seekers will turn to professional CV writing service providers like Corporate Staffing Services, to get their documents such a CV and cover letter put in order.
However, in as much as the competition for jobs is stiff, there are those who regard such services as a waste of money. After all, why pay someone to write something that you can easily write for yourself?
And any way you are the one who understands your skills and experiences better, and third party will not be able to capture your unique selling points to an employer.
Here is the rule of thumb
Whenever we need something fixed we will turn to a professional experienced in that. That’s why you will not go to a lawyer when you fall ill and likewise won’t see a doctor when you have a case.
The reason you will do this is because you lack the skills and knowledge that these professionals have.
It’s not a show of weakness but it’s just how things work. It’s simply recognizing and coming to terms with the fact that you are not a jack of all trades.
There are things that are beyond your skills and experience and hence why you will go looking for that other professional with that expertise.
A banker may not know the start to finish of anything that is IT or even marketing.
It’s just the same as your CV. Even if you have the best English and your grammar and spelling is flawless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can write a winning professional CV.
A CV and what most people never understand is that it’s not just a highlight of your work history and accomplishments but a marketing tool.
The 21st century employer will have over a hundred CVs to go through for every role they are hiring and hence will not spend 30 minutes on one CV. They will literally take 30 seconds to scan through your CV to determine if you have what it takes to do the job.
At this stage therefore, expect your CV to be rejected if it is poorly formatted, has grammatical mistakes, misses vital information relating to the role you are applying for, it’s too long or too brief (depending on the role) or its just plain boring.
Why then hire a professional CV writer to write your CV?
Professional CV writers like Corporate Staffing Services having been in the market for over 8 years and consulted for over 500 clients, understand very well what employers are looking for.
They understand the changes that have happened in the job market and as such know very well how you can best showcase your skills, experience and attributes in a way that you wow any employer.
However make no mistake. You might have the best CV, written by a professional even and still not get the job because of what you are saying in your application when you apply for the job and not following instructions given any the employer.
Also, that CV is just a way of getting your foot through the door. You still have the interview part to deal with and if you don’t perfect this as well, that CV is ueless.
Of course, you might decide to by-pass all that and just do it yourself if you trust in your abilities. Well and good.
However, if you find yourself applying for jobs and not getting interviews or hearing back from employers, it means that your CV does not pass the 30 seconds test.
Then there is the issue of cost. While using professional CV writing services comes at a cost, it is very modest and most of the time is a very small investment you have to make as a reward for that job you really want.