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By Kibet Tobias
It is no secret that the first, very important step to getting your dream job is your CV. In this competitive job market, your CV needs to stand out.
As a serious professional (which I know you are), you need to make sure that when your CV makes it to the hands of the recruiter, it will impress them and get you an interview.
I spoke to Rebecca Nyawira, a professional CV Writer at Corporate Staffing Services and she points out that the most effective way to make your CV unique is to include an ‘achievements’ section.
What did you accomplish in your previous job? What are you remembered for?
Here is why your CV needs an achievements section according to Ms Nyawira.
1. Achievements show you lead with results
I have seen candidates who use statements like “I’m a team player” with “good communication skills” on their CV. There is nothing wrong with this.
The problem is that there is nothing that can back up this unless you are in the job.
“Your CV must show the recruiter how you can be the solution to the company because you’ve done it before. Including your accomplishments does exactly that,” she says.
If you worked in the sales department, for example, highlight something like “I reduced distribution costs by 20% and simultaneously increased revenue by 45% while achieving 90% customer referral rate.”
2. It shows the valuable difference you make
According to Ms Nyawira, highlighting your achievements indicates the difference you have made in your career and how you can bring this into the new job.
These interesting facts about you that other candidates don’t have are what will make that employer pick up the phone and invite you for an interview.
Just imagine that you’re a prospective employer and have one position to fill . You however receive over 200 CVs and have only a few hours to shortlist. Who would you call for the interview; the applicant with relevant accomplishments or the one with just texts?
Most likely you will invite the first one.
Why? It is because accomplishments give the employer confidence in you. And that is the main purpose of your CV.
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3. It showcases quantity
Most employers love numbers supported by data because it provides evidence of your success.
So when highlighting your achievements, an employer is able to quantify and easily connect with you.
They see your ability as a ‘results orientated’ and ‘outcomes-focused’ person without the need to explain it.
In short, when you use numbers you provide measurable, credible proof of your performance as an employee.
Here are good examples;
“I was ranked number 1 out of 32 sales executive for top sales performance in the year 2017”,
“I achieved 80% sales target, a double-figure to the company average.”
As you can see, this is quite quantifiable. And such statements on your CV can make a lasting impression on the mind of the employer.
In the end,
Your CV needs to work hard for you and market your expertise. Including relevant skills, professional qualifications and responsibilities is one thing, but what really make the difference is your achievements.
If you have been looking for a job for a long and are suspecting that your CV is underselling you, send an email today to Rebecca through for a new CV that positions you for the job you want.
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