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By Michelle Wanjiku
When it comes to applying for jobs, you need to ensure you understand the concept of hiring cycles and how this can help you land a job.
These cycles vary from one industry to the next so knowing the best times to apply for jobs could help boost your chances of actually getting hired.
A great time to apply for jobs is during the last three months of the year when most companies are looking to fill positions that are vacant either before the end of the year or before the beginning of another financial year.
1. Fewer people are applying now
As we get closer to the end of the year, fewer people are applying for jobs. This could be because people are getting into the end of the year holiday mood.
It goes without saying that when a recruiter doesn’t have a lot of applications to go through, they are more likely to go through yours.
So applying for a job now means it will be easier for your application to be seen. The more chances you have of your applications being looked at by employers, the better your chances of actually getting a job.
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2. Most employers are hiring for January now
Some employers start hiring for the next year early. This is why you will find that some jobs you apply for will need you to start working in January.
This means that these same positions will not be available come next year because they will already be filled hence if you want to get a job by January, then you need to apply early otherwise you might miss out and have to wait until February or March.
Of course, you should not be sending in your applications during Christmas week because by the time the recruiter comes back to the office your email will be lost in a sea of other emails.
3. You should always start sending applications weeks before you want to start
For example, if you are working on a contract that expires at the end of December, you need to start applying for jobs early.
You don’t a want a situation where your contract ends and you are left jobless for a few months before landing your next role. That is how you will create gaps in your employment which can be difficult to explain to potential employers.
This will also give you time to issue notice if you are already working and prevent you from missing out on opportunities because you have to start immediately.
4. This is a great time to network
Remember that job search does not just include sending an application, there is more to it.
If you are working in an industry that usually does not hire during this time of the year, then you can focus on another aspect of job hunting.
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Use this opportunity to network and meet people who will help you out when companies do start hiring. By then you will have cultivated relationships with these people and they will be more willing to help you out.
Of course, this is not all when it comes to ensuring you get a job. You will need to focus on making yourself employable. This means working on your CV and cover letter, fixing your LinkedIn profile, making quality applications as well as having good interview skills.
In Conclusion,
This is not to say that you should wait until hiring peak season to apply for jobs. You can still get a job even if you apply at a time when most companies are not hiring. Also, applying for a job when most companies are hiring does not guarantee that you will get a job. It all depends on the quality of your application.