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By Michelle Wanjiku
During this time of the year, people normally spend more than they usually do. This means that if you are a business owner you will see an increase in profits depending on what service or product you are offering.
So instead of just spending money, you can come up with ways you can make a little more money using skills you already possess in order to improve your financial situation.
What are some businesses you can start that will do well this holiday season?
1. Catering
Are you a great cook? Do you enjoy cooking?
If yes, then you can start a business where you cook for individuals that are hosting parties this holiday season. You don’t have to have a full-on catering company to do small-scale catering.
One thing you can be sure of is that people will always host parties this season and the demand for caterers increases and if you don’t have the capital to start a big catering company, you can just start small.
You can grow your client base through word of mouth especially if you do a good job.
2. Selling decorations, clothes etc.
If you are a good salesperson, then you can buy decorations, clothes, toys and more, and then sell them to people at a profit.
You just have to ensure that the things you are selling are of good quality because this will help build your reputation thus increasing your clients.
You don’t even have to have a physical shop to start selling things; you can upload the things you have to social media and offer delivery services. This will also help your sales because more people are embracing online shopping.
3. You can become an Emcee
With the holiday season comes events and parties and almost every event you attend will have an emcee.
This means that there are a lot of opportunities available if you want to venture into emceeing. You can find jobs at corporate events, weddings, graduation parties, Christmas parties and more.
However, in order to be good at this, you will need to have good public speaking skills.
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4. Driving
You don’t have to own a car in order to start this kind of business. If you have the knowledge and a little bit of capital, you can choose to drive people to and from their destinations and they will pay you for the service.
One way to do this is to hire a vehicle which you can use and spread the word that if anyone needs to be driven somewhere they can contact you.
Your neighbors and even friends can be great clients because they would rather be driven by someone they know and trust.
5. Becoming a DJ
There is always an increase in the number of parties that take place during this festive season and this means that there is an increase in the need for DJs.
You can be asked to perform at corporate events such as the end of year office parties, or even at restaurants and clubs.
According to DJ Joe Mfalme, a DJ can earn 10K to over 20K per night depending on where you are performing and who the client is. Some even make as much as 80K per night.
In Conclusion,
When it comes to choosing which business to start it’s important that you put into consideration your knowledge and skills. With these businesses you won’t have to hire anyone else initially which will greatly cut down the capital needed.
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You never know, a business you started as a part-time thing to do over the holidays, could end up being a year-round business you make good money from. You just have to remember that the success of your business depends on the work and effort you put into it.