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By Lisa Osiako
Social media has become a widely used platform not only in fostering communication, but also in helping individuals find jobs. As a job seeker in today’s world, it is close to impossible to find a job without the use of social media. Many times, recruiters post vacant positions on social media.
At an academic fair a few years ago, one of the recruiters mentioned: “If I can’t find you online then I’m not interested.” This started my journey towards building my social media profile on all social media platforms I could think of, just to have an edge over other job seekers.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have become the go to for many recruiters every time they are seeking to recruit.
Here are a few tips that will make social media work in your favor:
Think before you post
Using social media responsibly will set you above others who are using it to simply communicate and connect. Do not share anything that you do not want seen by your future employer.
Before starting off on the job search, ensure that all your social media platforms are clean.
Keep it professional
As you do not know who you are likely to interact with, choose to remain purely professional. On LinkedIn for example, stay professional as many company websites today use it for recruitment.
On other social media sites as well, think about those you connect with, the content you want to share and where you want to share it.
Sell your skill set and experience
As your CV is tailored to individual roles depending on what role you are applying for, your social media accounts need to appeal more. This should be your best version of a CV.
Ensure that you emphasize your skills and experience, and also go ahead to give examples. Do not use clichés. Rather, think of what the employer is looking for, and run with it.
As you make career moves, check spelling and grammar, and keep your online and offline profile up-to-date.
Grow your network
Social media is one of the best tools to help you land a job. Using your networks is a good way to start.
Ensure you join as many groups run by institutes as possible. Also follow employers you are interested in, recruiters you are aware of, and business and economic news channels.
All these will help you in building your network, and growing your industry profile.
Social media is a great tool not only in helping you find a job, but also in helping you prepare for interviews. In preparing for interviews, you can easily get to know a company better, and also get tips on hacking the interview process.
Ensure you keep up to date as many organizations share their latest news and announcements through their social media channels.
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In conclusion, if you’re not making use of social media as part of your career management you could be missing out on the chance to make new contacts, find new job opportunities and improve your professional reputation.
Remember, many clients and recruiters may conduct a background check on your social media accounts. Therefore, be wise.
Take advantage and sign up to social media today. Good luck in your job hunting!

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