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By Michelle Wanjiku
Interviews are a challenge to most of us yet in order to get your dream job you need to first pass the interview. It doesn’t matter how good your CV is, if you don’t have good interview skills and cannot impress the interviewer, you will not get that job.
Here are some pre-interview tips to help you pass that interview
1. Be ready to tell stories and not give answers
You have probably come across a lot of articles telling you how to prepare for an interview by going through the common interview questions and practicing your answers.
This is good advice but, when it comes to answering the questions you are asked, you should not only give a direct answer but give a story instead.
What I mean is the interviewer has already gone through your CV so they know what qualifications you have, so you don’t really have to repeat everything on it.
So instead of answering a question like “why should we hire you?” by saying because you have this and this qualification, you can describe what you have to bring to the table, be it a new way to get clients or a new marketing campaign.
This will impress the interviewer more as opposed to just listing how qualified you are. The more detailed your answer is, the better. Although you have to remember that you should not spend too much time answering one question.
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2. Always Go In Prepared
Never attend an interview unprepared. According to Ida Kibunja a recruitment manager at Corporate Staffing Services, an interviewer will always be able to tell if you are not prepared for the interview.
This means you need to really think about what you will wear and what you need to carry to the interview.
The night before the interview, you need to arrange all the documents you plan to carry so that you don’t leave anything behind. The same applies to your clothes, you should prepare them early enough so that you don’t end up going to the interview in the wrong clothes.
Remember not carrying the appropriate documents or not dressing the part can hugely affect whether you get the job or not.
3. Ask insightful questions
Studies have continued to show that employers can judge your interest in a job by your ability to ask insightful questions.
A smart job seeker always prepares questions to ask so as to know more about the organizations and the role he or she is interviewing for.
“As much as you are being interviewed to gauge your fit, you also want to learn more about the organization and your career prospects and growth,” advises Perminus Wainaina.
Ask about the position you are interviewing for as well as the organization. Failure to ask a question depicts you as someone who is not fully prepared for the interview or for the job.
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A lot of things can affect whether you get a job or not, however, if you are well prepared for it, it is very easy to pass an interview. To boost your chances of landing a job come next year, you can book a mock one on one interview session with a professional with recruiting experience to improve your interviewing skills.