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By Lisa Osiako
Recently, I have found myself falling into huge amounts of monetary luck. No, I have not won a bet yet, but I have stumbled upon 50Ksh and 100Ksh notes, almost on a regular basis.
Part of the reason for this is that I have been doing a thorough cleanup of just about everything that I own. In the process, in almost every pocket and bag compartment, there is some money.
I recently counted all the money I collected in one day, and it amounted to about sh2000! I had been complaining of how broke I was, and yet I had some cash to spare!
My impulse was to spend this money on whatever fun thing I could think of. It was unexpected and special, and generated a sense of fun when I did not expect.
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However, I decided to do something useful with it instead. If I could turn it into something that could possibly earn me more in the future, why not take the chance?
You may not be one who spends money recklessly, but do you easily spend Sh50 without even thinking about it? If you left your house with an extra Sh50 in your wallet, would it be there by the time you get back? You could be spending it on unnecessary things. You can however make a choice to ensure you save Sh2000 every month.
What can this Ksh2,000 do?
1. Start a business
You are probably wondering how you can start a business with such an amount of money. Well, if you take the money and add a little more effort, you will be surprised by just how much you will be able to do.  This could be your seed for a number of businesses.
Do you want to start taking professional photos? This could buy you some of the material you will need to take the photos. It could be a website you are interested in starting, you can pay for your domain and a few months of hosting, using this amount. With this, you could also start a boutique.
Remember, your finances will never be an issue if you set your mind to achieve something. Your effort is the ultimate determining factor.
2. Have a savings account
Many of us lack the discipline that is required when it comes to saving. Life is short and a majority of the time, we think of the here and now.
You can however decide to put this money away in a savings account. At the end of one year, you will have accumulated more than Ksh20,000 if you save consistently.
The money you save can eventually be used to pay your fees, or even to invest. Do not wait to have the perfect investment to start putting aside money. Starting with the money you have will actually inculcate the discipline of saving, that many of us need.
3. Eliminate your debts
With mobile money loaning services just a click away, you may be struggling to offset that loan you took, and are now at risk of being listed with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). Ksh2,000 could be all you need to settle the debt. Instead of taking a long time to repay your loan, you could do it within a short period of time and save on interest costs in the process.
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To sum it all up, start taking notice around you of what can be done, and you will get more and more ideas. You can venture into just about anything with this amount of money. Remember, a bird always builds its nest one twig at a time.