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By Perminus Wainaina

How you feel on Monday morning when you are getting ready for work can tell you a lot about your career. Are you excited at the start of a new week with new challenges, or do you constantly have the Monday morning blues? If the latter is true, you need to take a long hard look at your situation because your career may just have stagnated. So what are some of the signs of a stagnant career?

1. Lack of Growth Opportunities

If you have been at the same position doing the same work for a number of years, your career has stagnated. While you may actually enjoy your job, you need to evaluate why you are not getting promoted. Chances are you have gotten comfortable and are not actively pursuing a promotion. Either that or the company you are working for has little room for upward mobility.

2. Your Skills Are Underutilized

Do you feel like you have the capacity and skills to do more than your current job allows? When your skills are not adequately utilized, you are likely to get bored at work. It also affects your journey up the career ladder because your next job depends on what you are doing now.

3. There are no Learning Opportunities

If you are working at a job where you do routine work from January to December, your career is in trouble. Spending an entire year without learning anything new in your field might seem like your idea of a stress free job. In reality, it is setting you up for career stagnation because in order to move to the next level you have to bring something new to the table.

4. Your Performance Reviews are Average

If you come across terms such as ‘adequate’ or ‘satisfactory’ or even ‘consistent’ in your performance appraisals, you should be alarmed. These words mean your work meets the minimum standards required. In other words, you are a mediocre employee. The company has no motivation to promote you, or even give you that raise.

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