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“I am applying for a job during a long holiday in a supermarket around my campus, though not for a specific position. How do I write such a letter?”

As a job seeker, you should not just apply for jobs you see advertised; there are numerous other open vacancies that are not necessarily advertised so making applications for these can also boost your chances of actually getting a job.

When it comes to applying for a job that has not been advertised, you need to have a very good application in order to grab the company’s attention.

Sending the same CV and cover letter you use when applying for other jobs is not going to be enough. Your cover letter especially will be very different when applying for an unadvertised position.

So what should you cover letter look like? Here is a sample cover letter you can use to apply for a job that has not been advertised.

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Best Sample Cover Letter for Unadvertised Job

Michelle Wanjiku

P.O Box 20300


17th January 2019

The Human Resource Manager

ABC Company

P.O Box 00100


Dear Mr Kemunto,


I graduated last year with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from CHG University where I attained a second class upper grade. I also possess a Diploma in Business Administration from KLM Institute of Administration.

The reason I am writing is to kindly request that you to consider me for an entry level opening in your customer service or marketing department. As you can see from my attached CV, I served as a business development intern at ABC micro finance for a period of six months. During that period I was exposed to different financial products, and I learnt how to market the same to segmented customers. Part of my business development role was to offer customer service by answering queries and doing follow ups with interested customers.

The internship also helped me develop interpersonal skills and I was able to relate well, not only with my colleagues, but also with customers from different backgrounds. I am able to produce quality work within strict deadlines, and as I am a person of integrity, you can count on me to work with minimal supervision.

I’d be happy to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your organization and I’d be glad to have an interview with you.

My salary expectations are flexible and dependent on your budget, as what I am keen on is gaining experience as I add value to the company.

Thank you for taking time to read my application.

Yours Sincerely,

Michelle Wanjiku

In Conclusion,

Remember that the normal rules for writing cover letters still apply, meaning it should be well written with no grammatical errors and should be addressed to the right person.

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The whole point of sending the cover letter is to show the organization that you have what it takes to do a good job, so you need to ensure that the application you send in does exactly that.

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