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You may have been applying for your dream job, or eyeing that promotion that seems to be evading you. The reason for this could be that your CV is actually underselling you.

A good CV many times gives you confidence and at the same time articulates your career value. You could be the right person for the job, but your CV may lack the necessary items to market you.

There are items that you overlook which end up underselling you to the employer.

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1. A vague first impression

Your resume will be read by a human being. Strategize it in a way that it will leave a distinct and memorable impression on the employer. Make it count.

It should concisely state your value as the suitable candidate. Allow it to communicate your career story to catch the reader’s eye. Display a well-thought content structure. Put across well-placed and compelling phrases and rich, relevant content.

2. Omitting your key achievements

Mentioning your responsibilities without articulating your achievements is a grave mistake. Market yourself as an achiever; someone who can nurture ideas through to results. Recruiters receive numerous applications and can quickly overlook one or many that do not make an impact.

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3. Failing to highlight your unique skills

You are not the only one who can do the job you are eyeing. You need to highlight your unique competencies that will set you higher above the rest. Your unique skills needed are not cliché things like good communication and organizational skills; rather a set of skills that you have picked up over the course of your working experience that will help you execute your role. Apart from helping you stand out from the pack, such skills will help recruiters gauge the value you will be adding to their institution.

4. Lack of focus

You clearly do not want to be sloppy in your resume preparation if you want that raise. The hiring manager will not take you seriously when you have spelling mistakes and lack appropriate punctuation. The good thing with technology is that nowadays, there are numerous online tools you can use to ensure that your resume is error-free.

5. No cover letter

Do not limit yourself by not providing a cover letter. A cover letter gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, address the hiring manager directly and communicate why they should pick you. Personalizing your letter to the target company shows your commitment to the role you are seeking. State your intentions and qualifications up front. The cover letter also gives you the platform to include your salary and relocation information especially when the prospective employer asks for it. Eliminating this crucial information from your cover letter could result in your application being tossed out.

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Source: The Sunday Standard