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Progress is one of the most effective motivating factors. Employees will rejoice when they are promoted to a higher position. For employers and business owners, it is always a joyous affair when the business expands its wings and reaches new heights.

To achieve progress, you need to adapt to the market and grow towards achieving your goals. One of the ways that can help you achieve growth in your workplace or business is by enrolling in practicable short courses.

Short courses are carefully structured to give optimal knowledge in a short timeframe. Unlike a fully structured program such as a degree or master’s course, short courses offer practical advice that can be easily applied.

If you wish to grow your career in 2019, here are a few short courses that will aid your endeavor.

1. Management and Leadership

There will always be a need for strong leaders and good managers. If you have a dream of leading your team in the coming year, you should consider taking part in the leadership course. In the course, you’ll gain more insight into what it takes to be a strong leader, the qualities you need to develop, and how to handle your workmates.

2. Public speaking

Public speaking is a skill every employee needs. Either you’re attending to clients or you’re addressing a meeting within your organization. How you interact with people at your workplace could determine if you get a promotion or not.
In a public speaking class, you’ll learn how to effectively deliver your message, speak with confidence, make excellent presentations at work, and much more. You can join Corporate Staffing Services’ seven-week public speaking class to gain more confidence while speaking at work.

3. Social Media

Many companies are turning to the digital frontier to deliver their message and target a bigger audience. While some companies are hiring digital marketers and social media managers, others are promoting entry-level staff, or joining departments. In a social media management class, you’ll know how to navigate the digital frontier and have your company’s profile known.

4. Advanced Excel and Practical Accounting

Microsoft Excel is one the widely used support programs for employees who deal in data and specific figures. With advanced Excel, you’ll have a better understanding of numbers relating to your clients. If you’re in a profession that deals with data analysis e.g. finance, procurement, data entry, and accounting. This is a course that will give you a competitive edge in your workplace.

Practical accounting teaches you more about filing various forms of tax on the new iTax platform, how to use QuickBooks and so on. You can register to join Corporate Staffing Services’ Practical Accounting class and Advanced Excel courses.

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Short courses have applicable skills you can use and achieve feasible results. Whether you’re employed or looking for a job, having these skills will improve your chances of being promoted or getting a good job.