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“I recently did my KCSE and got a C- which means that I am not able to take a Degree or Diploma course. The only option I have is to pursue a certificate course and then build from there. The problem is I have no idea what marketable certificate courses I can take.

Are there any good courses for me to look into? Please advise me” This is an email I received recently.

Just because you were not able to get a grade in KCSE that would have allowed you to pursue a degree or diploma course, it doesn’t mean you should give up on education.

Here are a few marketable certificate courses you can pursue in Kenya

1. Business Administration

This is one of the most marketable certificate courses because it is so diverse.

With a certificate in business administration, you can work in a variety of fields such as customer care, administration and many more.

These are careers that will always be in demand because every organization needs people to fill these basic roles.

You could become a customer service representative, a receptionist, a personal assistant among many other things.

2. Information Technology

Technology is a big part of our lives today, and the industry will continue to grow. This can be seen by the increase and growth of tech companies across the world.

This means that there is a demand for people with IT technological know-how making this a marketable certificate course to pursue.

When it comes to ICT though, you will also have to take short courses to boost your chances of getting a well-paying job.

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3. Engineering

Despite popular belief, you can pursue an engineering course at the certificate level. There are various certificate programs you can choose from such as; software and hardware engineering, electrical, mechanical are some of the best certificate courses you can pursue in engineering.

So if you’ve always wanted to be an engineer you can start by taking a certificate course and work towards the degree.

4. Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is also one of the most marketable certificate courses you can take. This is because; companies will always have a need for sales personnel as well as marketers.

People in this field of work are also some of the best paid, depending on the company size and experience level. There are some sales and marketing professionals who earn up to 6 digits plus commission.

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In Conclusion,

Whatever marketable certificate course you decide to pursue, you need to ensure you have a real interest in it. This is the only way you will be able to succeed in that particular line of field.

You need to think through which course you enroll in very carefully, consider your strengths and weaknesses and see how they could affect your performance.