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By Lisa Osiako

Are you worried that your CV contains less than what is required when you eventually plan on sending it out for job applications after you graduate?

The right part-time jobs can help you enhance how your CV looks, and most importantly, help you develop key skills that you will need in your career.

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Here are a few jobs you can do to build a well-rounded CV:

1. Radio Presenter

Many universities and colleges have radio stations that you can be part of. Working at a radio station, especially for communication students, will give you the experience in radio.

As a show presenter, you will get to learn more than just having a good voice on the radio. Often times, you will have to juggle between the sound system and maintaining your cool as you speak to the audience. Here, you will need good communication and multitasking skills.

Working at a radio station offers transferable skills and experiences which can go a long way towards building a dynamic, attention-grabbing CV.

2. Sales Representative

During long holidays, you can work as a sales representative. There are companies, especially insurance companies that hire sales representatives almost all year round.

Take advantage of this.

In as much as it may be totally unrelated to your future career, you will develop qualities that will contribute to your CV.

For example, many retail positions require employees to work cohesively as a team, and also complete tasks and responsibilities independently. If you have retail experience, this can then be used to demonstrate that you work well with others and are self-motivated.

Retail positions also require good communication and customer service skills, both of which can be transferred over several positions and industries, including service, sales, marketing, and management.

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3. Tutor

Depending on what you are studying, this could be a really good job and a nice addition to your CV. You could offer your tutoring services to high school or even primary students at a fee.

This job involves many appealing and transferable skills and qualities: patience, flexibility, communication skills, and the ability to connect with others. Most importantly, it shows off that you are knowledgeable enough in a subject to be able to teach others.

As a tutor, you should be also able to assess the comfort and comprehension of your students, and then be flexible enough to adapt if necessary. Almost all careers require some element of collaboration with colleagues or clients, which makes these kinds of skills very appealing to future employers.

4. Counselor

If you are studying psychology and counseling, this would be a good job to practice before you get the papers for it. Volunteer at a hospital, clinical center, or even in church and help out as you gather more skills.

The job requires you to be outgoing, resourceful, responsible, and ideally demonstrate integrity and leadership.

Counselors must plan and organize activities and maintain a schedule – but still be flexible. These are all important qualities to develop for your career, and if used wisely, can also help your CV stand out from the crowd of applicants.

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The key to developing an all rounded CV is to note down the skills that are transferrable to future career paths and maximize them. The above jobs cultivate specific skills that can be applied to many fields and industries.

If you’re unsure about how professional your CV is, you should have it reviewed by an expert. A professionally written CV will always increase your chances of getting a job.