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By Perminus Wainaina  

Do you wish you were more confident in your workplace? Do you have an idea that could help your company grow but you keep it to yourself? Do you wish to get promoted to a senior position, but you cannot hold a conversation with your bosses or fellow colleagues? Do you struggle to articulate your ideas even in a social gathering?

Self-confidence! It can be defined in different ways by various people. The definition that strikes through is ‘an internal emotional force that enables you to execute your strengths and abilities.’

You and I both have our abilities. We have countless of abilities, some tend to shine, while others dim in comparison. Most –if not all, of these abilities manifest themselves when properly exercised.

Here are some of the effects of having low self-confidence;

1. You’ll find it hard to take action

If you wish to grow in life, action is required.

However, if you lack self-confidence, you will likely end up thinking of how you’ll fail if you act on something new.

At your workplace, you could be worried your ideas are not good enough, or your bosses might not like your input. This could paralyze you from speaking or acting.

To add insult to injury, your colleagues might perceive your lack of action as laziness or passiveness.

Read on to see how a lack of self-confidence can affect your career and life