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If you have gone through long-term unemployment, you know just too well how the need to persevere in your job search after numerous rejections is the last thing on your mind. What then happens when your desire to persevere needs an extra boost?

Here are a few tips from other job seekers that could give you that boost you so need:

1. Start your day with structure

Get up every morning at your usual time and dress as if you’re going to work — because you are going to work, except now your work is finding a new job.

While it may be tempting to sleep in or lounge around in pajamas, getting your day moving can provide a psychological boost.

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2. Use your computer — and then get away from it

Chances are you’ve used a computer to scout job postings, but have you explored the full potential of technology?

You can learn new ways to connect with others, and even get an edge in your application process.

  • Use social networking sites and Google searches to find a person to contact directly instead of sending a blind résumé.
  • Read the websites of companies that interest you.
  • Use connections and build on social media by looking through friends lists for useful contacts, searching through Twitter keywords and adding people on LinkedIn.
  • Designate certain periods of the day as computer time — then resist the urge to constantly check e-mail or see if one new position got posted.

Do as much face-to-face networking as possible. Even if you’ve talked with your network two weeks ago, contact them again.

If you are job hunting without getting the response you want, volunteering at a local hospital or for an organization where you will meet new people who can extend their networking reach is a great game plan too. Not only will you keep your skills sharp, you’ll also have an opportunity to make a larger networking base aware of your availability.”

3. Give yourself a break

The familiar advice of persistence paying off holds true for finding a job. After all, you can’t land a position if you don’t even apply. Yet, while dedication will pay off in the long term, sometimes it helps to step away for a bit.

It is easy to feel frustrated when your inbox is filled with rejections or (worse yet) you aren’t even acknowledged after pouring your heart into landing a seemingly perfect position.

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Setbacks are only a bump on a long career path that will have ups and downs. Take a look at your resume to remind yourself of what you have accomplished, and when you’re feeling better about your capabilities, get back to sending it out. Someone out there is waiting to read it.