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CV Format

In order to land a job of your dreams, you have to prove your skills and evidently stand out from the rest. This cuts across all professions. Your CV is what determines whether you get the job, or not.

As such, your CV needs to be well written, so as to ensure that you have an edge over other job seekers.

Before applying for any job, therefore, ensure that you tailor your skills and experiences in such a way that is appealing to that person who will look at your CV.

Here is the best CV sample for a nursing job that you can use.


P.O. Box 1234-56789 Eldoret-Kenya

Tel: +254 712 987 654



As a dedicated Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse, I am passionate about nursing people back to health through diagnosis and proper care. I am dedicated to ensuring that professional medical healthcare is given to all the patients under my care. With over 10 years of professional experience, I have excelled in; assessing the health of patients, preparing patients for the theatre and ensuring the proper management of critical patients as they come in and administering medications. My passion is to grow in my career as a nurse and participate in providing proper and professional medical care to patients and offer psychological help to families of patients.


  • Diploma in Nursing: Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse- XYZ School of Nursing; September 2016
  • Certificate in Nursing- Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing- ABC School of Nursing; October 2007
  • Introduction to computers with windows ; January to March 2008


  • Nursing skills: Knowledgeable and expert in assisting patients, by administering medical procedures as directed by the doctor so as to contribute to improving their health and steady recovery.
  • Counselling skills: Knowledge and passionate on offering guidance and counseling to patients and their families on health seeking behaviors, self-care skills, and treatment option.
  • Monitoring: Ability and experienced in monitoring, interpretation and recording of vital signs and monitoring patient progress and communicate appropriately any complication or change in their condition to the doctor.
  • Mental and Physical endurance: Ability to quickly adapt to and effectively work under stressful and challenging environments especially in emergency cases.
  • Equipment Usage: I have proficiency in using equipment like; Oxygen concentrators and cylinders, O2 delivery devices; nasal canula, masks and Nasal gastric tubes
  • Team working skills:  Experienced in working with a team of nurses and doctors collaboratively in order to ensure the promotion of proper and professional healthcare services to patients.
  • First aid skills: Knowledge of first aid basics and can hence tend to any accidents or illnesses in case any such incident happens


Locum Nurse; May 2017 to date

Staff Nurse- Medical and Surgical ward and Private ward

EFGH Hospital October 2008- April 2017

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting in handling the administration of drugs
  • Monitored Patients vital observation
  • Assisting bed ridden patients with activities of daily living
  • Monitored patients for therapeutic and adverse effects of the drugs administered
  • Working in the medical department providing holistic care to patients.
  • Assessing the needs of the patients in the ward and making nursing care plan for all patients
  • Providing comfort to the patients and maintaining safety of the patients.
  • Fulfilling all basic needs (hygienic need, nutritional need etc) of the patients.

Operating theatre

  • Theatre room preparation for surgery
  • Assisted in use of diathermy machine during invasive surgery
  • Assisted during ophthalmology surgery i.e. cataract phase extraction, C-section surgery, total hip and knee replacement surgery, and craniotomy surgery
  • Nursing bed ridden patients who need palliative care i.e. cancer patients

Nursing Internships and Placements

JKLM Mental Hospital Nairobi –  June 2016

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Took part in the Admission of psychiatric patient
  • Handled the administration of different anti-psychotic medication
  • Assisted patients to get involved in different occupational therapy
  • Assisted in patients during clinical procedures
  • Assisted patients with activities of daily living.

CXA District Hospital (Maternity ward)-  November 2015

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Admission of women in labor and monitored progress of labor
  • Assisted during child birth
  • Offered reproductive health and child care education
  • Offered follow up postnatal care

EFGH Hospital Nairobi (Intensive Care Unit); August 2014

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted during intubation of patients
  • Offered care to critical patients pre and post operatively
  • Provided holistic care to patients and family
  • Conducted comprehensive assessment of client’s health status.
  • Promoted and facilitated continuity of care between healthcare providers by sharing client’s information.
  • Helped in patient assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, coordination and evaluation of patient’s outcome


  • Participated in hospital customer care training at EFGH – August 2014
  • Participated in Ebola preparedness training during the Ebola outbreak at EFGH Hospital – November 2014.
  • Trained in advance cardiac life support and Basic Life Support provider (2013 and 2017)


  • Certification of Recognition on Exemplary Customer delight awarded during International Nurses Day (May,2016)
  • Certificate of appreciation on helping create a healthier community for the benefit of all presented by Longrich Foundation (A program of girl child dignity foundation)


  • Research project on Knowledge attitude and self-care practices of newly diagnosed diabetic patients at EFGH Hospital.


Nurse Intern- ABC District Hospital (Mother- child health and family planning unit) – November 2005; I effectively offered prenatal and antenatal care to pregnant mothers, monitored child growth and immunizations administration at birth to 5 years of age and handled Post-natal observation and offered family planning advice.

CFD Health Center (Rural Placement) – September 2006; I offered sanitation education to the community, Monitored hygiene in Abattoirs and offered health education and Monitored prevalence of communicable diseases in the community such as malaria, cholera, leishmaniasis, among others.        

Nurse Intern- HNK District Hospital (Maternity ward)- May 2006; Handled the Admission of women in labor and monitored progress of labor, Assisted during child birth and offered reproductive health and child care education.

Nurse Intern- RTM Hospital (Psychiatric unit)-  January 2007; I am tasked with managing the Admission of psychiatric patient, Administration of different anti-psychotic medication and assisted patients to get involved in different occupational therapy.

Nurse- Administered post anesthetic care; FLM Hospital, April 2008-October 2008; I nursed male and female patients and surgical patients, Attended to pediatrics patients and worked in High Dependent Unit



Principal XYZZ Virtual Training School of Nursing

P.O BOX 12345-06789 Nairobi

Tel: + 254 712 345678



Clinical Instructor, EFGH- Karania Wing

P.O BOX 01234-56789 Westlands, Nairobi.

Tel:  +254 701 234567

Mrs. EFG

Lecturer XYZZ Virtual Training School of Nursing

P.O BOX 9876-54321 Nairobi


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