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Your CV is what potential employers use to determine whether you are suitable for the position or not. So when drafting your CV, you need to come up with one that actually convinces employers to give you a chance.

Here are the do’s to consider when drafting a CV that will get you jobs

1. Do write your CV with the job in mind

When working on your CV, employers want to make sure that you are a fit for the position, this means, that your CV needs to show that you have the ability to do that specific job.

Every company is different as the modes of operation and execution are unique. As a job seeker, you need to tailor your CV to match each job you apply for.

So even if you are applying for two accounting officer opportunities, the CV you use to apply for each of them should be slightly different.

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2. Do make your CV neat

A recruiter will not go over your CV if it is illegible.

The font and color you use when drafting your curriculum vitae are very important, they need to be easily read.

Don’t go for fancy fonts or colors in a bid to stand out, it could completely backfire.

The same goes for your grammar, your CV should never have grammatical mistakes you should have someone proofread it for you to ensure that it does not have any mistakes.

Mistakes in your CV will show the employer that you are careless and this is not a trait anyone wants in an employee.

3. Do place the important information up-front

When drafting your CV remember to start with the most relevant information. This will ensure that you are able to show the employer that you have what it takes to actually do the job.

Recruiters take seconds to go through your CV so if halfway through scanning the document they don’t see any relevant skills or experience they will move on to the next application.

To avoid this, ensure that you start by listing the important and relevant experience first.

You should also, include experience and interests that might be of use to the employer such as; IT skills, voluntary work, foreign language competency, driving skills etc.

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4. Do put your name and email address

The one thing most people forget to add to their CV is correct contact information. Which is ironic since it is the most important detail when drafting a resume, because, how else are they going to reach you?

Ensure your email is well spelled and that your contact info is well written and correct otherwise you miss out on your chance.

5. Do quote concrete outcomes to support your claims

When listing your achievements in your CV, you have to ensure that you use concrete examples in order to legitimize your claims.

For example, “Increased the number of sales made per year by 23%, or increased social media following and interaction by 50%”

When drafting your resume, remember numbers will do a better job of convincing an employer that you can actually perform as opposed to just listing your achievements.

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In Conclusion,

If you want to get interviews, you need to draft your CV following the do’s above. This way, ensure your CV is the kind that grabs the attention of the employer and shows them that you are a good fit for the position.

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