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By Lisa Osiako

Jane had been looking to change jobs for close to six months without any success. Even with her qualifications and experience, she still couldn’t get the job she wanted. Like many frustrated jobseekers, she decided to reach out to a professional CV writer, just so she could understand where she was going wrong. A month later, she got her first interview response.

What was Jane doing wrong? According to the professional CV writer she consulted, her CV was not appealing to many employers.

The job market is more competitive than ever right now and you don’t want a weak CV to hold you back from achieving your full potential. Your CV could be out of date, too long or maybe it just does not sell your experience as well as it should.

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If you are looking for a job or thinking about your next career path like Jane, it is important to have a renewed and professionally-written CV so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities that come your way.

Here are five proven tips on how to give your CV the makeover and start getting the attention you deserve.

1. Remove irrelevant information

You only have a small window to make an impression to a recruiter. As such, you have to quickly grab their attention by being strategic about what you need.

All the information that is not relevant should be left out. Do not list positions that are no longer relevant to where you are trying to go.

It is important to get a recruiter’s interest within the first few lines of the first page of your CV if you want them to read further.

As a guide towards this, ask yourself: does this information help to position me for my next position or is it filler information? Even worse, could it hold me back?

2. Sell the benefits and not the features

Make sure a recruiter is able to see the benefits of hiring you. Let them see that you are the potential solution to their problems by showing them how you could contribute more than other candidates.

Tell them about your accomplishments, results, and how you went above and beyond the job description.

3. Freshen the design and format

Change your CV format look from the traditional one to a modern one. Remember, the goal is to get your CV noticed. Modern CV styles are more readable and allow the reader to scan and find important information easily.

Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

  • Keep the content concise. Paragraphs should be kept to 3 to 4 lines, while bullets should be considered scannable sound bites and kept to 1 to 2 lines.
  • Remove generic phrases and adjectives. Accomplishment descriptions should be kept short for quick reading.
  • Utilize spacing. Design the page to make the most of the space while keeping the text readable. Use white space around sections to draw the eye and avoid crowding that makes the text blur together.
  • Be strategic with color and graphics. Simple visuals like bolding and bullet points can draw the eye to important information. Keep in mind the content in graphics won’t be scored by Applicant Tracking Systems.

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4. Make good use of keywords

Keywords are ultimately the glue that holds all pieces of your CV together. To know what keywords to use, spend time analyzing job descriptions to find out the important skills that are needed for that role.

Once you have identified these, customize them and use them in regard to the position you have applied for.

5. Show numbers

Numbers show your results in a measurable way. On paper, good numbers are impressive and can get you an interview invite. However, you must be prepared to explain how you achieved the results. If you do not have numbers to show, it is also okay. Not all positions have measurable results.

In Conclusion,

Just about every career move starts with a well-written CV that communicates the highlights of your career in a concise way. Get in touch with a CV writing professional here today who will help you get these steps and more right.