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Are you a sales professional looking to gain practical skills that will boost your career?

Corporate Staffing Services (CSS) has launched a Sales Training Program just for you. Our program, dubbed  ‘C.S.S Sales Training Academy,’ is a 5 day sales training program that serves to equip you with the practical skills that employers want, and improve your chances of getting hired.

When you join our training program you will be trained in the following key areas.

  1. Prospecting Power – Where to find more and better-qualified customers to talk about your product or service.
  2. Relationship Selling – How to build high levels of trust, rapport and credibility with each prospect
  3. Identifying Needs Accurately – How to ask good questions to learn exactly how and why your product or service is the ideal choice for this customer. The most important thing you can do as a salesperson is to uncover the true needs or problems of the prospect that your product can solve.
  4. Making Persuasive Presentations – Showing the customer clearly why he should buy your product or service now
  5. Overcoming Objections – How to deal effectively with the questions and concerns of the prospect that holds him or her back from buying.
  6. Closing the Sale – How to confidently ask the prospect to make a buying decision and take action.
  7. Getting Re-sales and Referrals – How to take such good care of your customers that they buy, buy again, and tell their friends to buy from you.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Our Training Academy?

Increased job opportunities: Kenyan employers prefer to hire seasoned sales and customer service professionals who have undergone training. Our practical training will provide you with the required experience.

Increased confidence: As a professional you need to keep upgrading your skills in order to serve the changing needs of customers. Our training equips you with the confidence to approach and engage customers.

N/B: By participating in the five day training you also stand a chance to be introduced to our network of over 500 employers whom we recruit for. This however, doesn’t mean that we guarantee job placement.

Who is Eligible? Apply For The 5 Day Training If You Are:

  1. Unemployed but with some experience in sales
  2. Certificate, Diploma or if you have professional certification and above.
  3. Over 18 years old
  4. Must be residing in Nairobi and its Environs
  5. Willing to learn
  6. Motivated to find employment
  7. Previous sales experience is not a must but is desired.

To book your spot for the sales training, kindly visit: and fill the registration form.