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By Ruoro Kairu 

I was having a conversation the other day with my landlady. After speaking for a while about the state of inflation and how every commodity seems to have doubled in price over the last few years. She started talking about taxation. She was frustrated by how she had to pay someone else to help her file her monthly rental income tax.

Later on, I spoke to one of our trainers here at Corporate Staffing Services, and when I learned more about the one-day tax filling class.

Every year, you likely have to pay someone else to file your tax returns or even rental income tax.

But, what if you could do this for yourself? What if you had all the information to file your taxes from the comfort of your home?

That is what the one day class seeks to attain.

Who should take the class?

In yesteryears, it was believed that anything that has to do with taxes should only be handled by accountants. However, the narrative is changing. With the new iTax portal, for example, anyone can file taxes.

While this is a great accounting course for all accountants, the course is also beneficial to;

  • Job seekers who wish to have an upper hand when applying for jobs
  • Business owners who would like to file various taxes for the business
  • Commercial property owners –landlords and landladies who wish to know how to file rental income tax
  • A fresh graduate seeking to gain practical tax filling skills
  • Professionals seeking to advance in your career

Generally, if you would like to know how to file taxes, this class is for you.

From the class, you’ll gain practical accounting skills and invaluable experience.

You’ll gain the expertise to advise your company in matters relating to tax.

In business, you’ll learn how to be tax compliant. Moreover, you’ll have in-depth knowledge and you will not end up paying more taxes or fees to have someone else file the taxes for you.

When does the next class begin?

The next class takes place on 9th March 2019. The cost of the class is 3,500 only.

To register or make an inquiry, call us on 0722 735 216 or email and copy