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Starting a business can be challenging especially if you don’t know what profitable business ideas in Kenya you can start.

In order for your business to succeed you need to ensure you come up with a viable idea otherwise you would end up losing the money you invest to start the business.

Examples Of Profitable Business Ideas In Kenya You Can Start

1. Selling second-hand clothes

Another good profitable business idea in Kenya is starting a second-hand clothes selling business.

This is an easy business to start because it requires little capital and good marketing skills.

With social media, it’s very easy to grow your ‘mtumba’ business. To cut down on costs you can choose to sell your goods online. This will also increase your profits.

2. Catering

Are you a great cook? Do you enjoy cooking?

If done well, you can build a very successful catering business. You don’t even have to start a catering company, I know of someone who started cooking at her family’s parties and through word of mouth got herself clients and now gets invited to cook at different functions.

Another way to do it is to advertise your services online; she also has a service where she cooks meals in bulk for people at a certain fee. So she goes to someone’s house and makes like a week’s worth of food.

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3. Messaging service

Messengers are sent to bank cheques, buy stuff, collect parcels and deliver goods, etc. Most businesses are in need of people they can send to deliver goods to their clients or pick parcels up.

So you can choose to start a business where you charge people to do deliveries or something similar. The good thing about this business is it doesn’t require a lot of capital and is easy to start.

4. Sell coffee and snacks

I’m sure you have seen those people who sell coffee and snacks on the street or walk around with them. This might not look like much but that person you see selling ‘KDF’ on the road gets to have some money at the end of the day and since people will need to eat, they will always have clients.

5. Cleaning services

Cleaning businesses are very lucrative. And this doesn’t mean just cleaning houses. While residential cleaning is a popular option, you can also choose to focus on cleaning offices or retail spaces.

Home-cleaning business is becoming one of the hottest topics today. Not only that, but it is one of the easiest home-based businesses to start. The major advantage is that it requires minimum start-up funds.

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In Conclusion,

Even when you have profitable business ideas in Kenya you can start, the trick with having a successful business is ensuring you find the right location to set up.

When it comes to choosing what business to start, you just have to ensure that you look at whether or not that business has a chance of survival.

But you also have to remember that the success of your business depends on the work and effort you put into it.