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This past Friday, Corporate Staffing Services held a free training for professionals and entrepreneurs. The training was held at The Workshop at Victoria Plaza, Westlands.

In attendance were several professionals –from various sectors, and entrepreneurs. The trainer for the event was Perminus Wainaina, a certified coach and Managing Partner at Corporate Staffing Services.

The half-day training covered several topics such as;

  1. What is effective communication?
  2. What are the barriers to effective communication?
  3. Why are we uncomfortable communicating in some scenarios and so comfortable in others?
  4. How can we overcome these barriers and uncomfortable situations, and become effective while presenting?
  5. How do I overcome nervousness and speak with confidence?
  6. What is persuasive communication and how does can it help you as a professional or entrepreneur?

After the training, the participants spent time sharing refreshments and networking amongst themselves and with the Corporate Staffing Services team in attendance.

Here is what some professionals had to say about the free training;

“I have always been a shy person. But now, with the skills I’ve learned today, I know I can now work on being more confident even while I’m making a sale.” Jennifer, Sales professional (FMCG)

“I came here to learn how I can differentiate effective communication and how this can help me niche out from my competitors.” Samuel –Publisher.

“After starting a company, I thought the hard part was behind me. However, when it got to pitching, I realized this was even harder. When I’m out of my comfort zone, effective communication becomes a problem. Now, I know what I need to do, and I’m looking forward to the full training in communication skills.” June – Entrepreneur (cleaning company)