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By Lisa Osiako

Recently, on social media, there was talk about choosing to go to an interview natural versus hiding behind makeup. One of the country’s popular content creators, Wanjiru Njiru, talked about her struggle to go makeup free. In her post, she mentioned how she loves hiding behind makeup. For her, the more she does that, the more she gets insecure without makeup.

Jane has been using makeup ever since she turned 18. She, like Wanjiru, cannot picture herself without a full face of makeup. When she got her first job interview invite, she battled with herself for over a week on whether to attend the interview in makeup or simply own her insecurity and go without.

She decided to do what she has always done. She has never received feedback from that interview.

“I wanted to feel confident and make a lasting impression but did not know how to do it in a subtle way,” she says of that interview experience.

A woman’s makeup is an important factor in an interview – so important, that it should not be ignored. Everyone has a different perception of what makes them look presentable.

In putting your best foot forward, remember that your appearance will speak even before you utter a word.

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Here are a few guidelines that will help you feel confident and land your dream job:

1. Do research the company’s culture

In the same way that you personalize your cover letter and CV to be in line with the company and the position you are applying for, your interview look is something you should pay close attention to as well.

Take some time to go through the company’s culture by visiting their website and checking out their social media pages so as to get an idea of what is acceptable in regard to your overall look.

For example, if you are interviewing at a bank, your makeup should be at a minimum. Keep in mind that corporate settings tend to be conservative. Therefore, the more corporate the company is, the more conservative you should appear.

Also, think about the position you have applied for, and what your duties in the organization will be.

Remember to dress for the job you want, and not the job you have.

2. Less is more

A lot of makeup distracts an interviewer to a point that they may not be able to focus on what you bring to the table, but how you look.

By wearing less makeup, you exude more confidence, consequently enabling the interviewer to focus.

Always keep in mind that your appearance plays a huge role in deciding whether you are the right candidate for a specific role.

Keep it simple.

3. Wear natural, light makeup

Makeup is a great way to express yourself. However, no matter the type of job interview you are attending, it is best to remain as natural as possible with your makeup.

The first and best thing to do is to even out your skin tone with a foundation that ensures the color blends in with your skin tone.

Many ladies get their foundation shades wrong by mostly going lighter than their shade. Ensure that the color you settle on is one that ultimately makes you look natural.

If you usually do not wear foundation, do not do it just for the interview. Go with a moisturizer that will give you the coverage you need, and make you comfortable.

Beauty stores such as Lintons Beauty will let you try out some of their products, especially foundation so as to ensure you get the right shade before you purchase them.

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4. Give yourself enough time to prepare

It takes time to apply makeup. Give yourself a few hours to prepare, so as to ensure you are not rushing on the day of the interview.

Schedule at least two hours for showering, hairstyling, dressing and makeup, with a little extra time to relax and calm your nerves.

With just a little planning, you will be able to achieve the look you want and make it in time for the interview, without appearing frustrated and confused.

5. Do not experiment

This is not the time to experiment with a look you saw someone in.

Makeup should not be used to change your appearance, but only enhance it. Therefore, stick with something you have done before.

In the end, you should be able to look and feel like yourself so as to make yourself comfortable and not self-conscious.

Stick to what you know.

In Conclusion,

Your main goal is to ensure you look professional and feel confident. Maintain neutral colors to have a polished look that will make you feel yourself, while still showing your interviewer that you take pride in your appearance.

Remember not to cover up who you really are.