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By Perminus Wainaina 

What happens when you lose your treasured job just four days to Christmas?

Peter, a graduate of the Speak With Confidence (Public Speaking) Training class shared his unique experience of how he went from having a well-paying job to being unemployed, all in a matter of days.

In the Public Speaking Training, one of the assignments involves sharing your life experience on a given topic. In Peter’s class, one of the topics was to share your most vivid memory from the previous year.

After the training, I sought to learn more of his experience. Here is Peter’s story, the lessons he learned, and his advice to you.

“What fascinates you about teaching?”

“I have always wanted to teach and mentor, in one way, or another. Throughout my career, I sought out mentorship opportunities.”

Today, Peter wears the hat of lecturer, businessman, husband, and father. Here is how he was fired four days to Christmas and the lessons he picked along the way.

“Before I share my experience, there are a few things you should know. One, I was a top performing employee; I never thought I’d be the one to get the pink slip. Two, I had never tarmacked. I was lucky enough to get opportunities just when I needed them.” Says Peter.

“I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce –finance option. And got a job at an NGO.

While I loved the job, I felt it was not the right place for me.

Soon after, I started CPA, I felt it was a great move and would open more opportunities for me.

After the NGO, and equipped with my academic qualifications, I moved to a SACCO in the coastal region. Again, I felt something was amiss. I wanted to work for a financial institution.

After a while, I landed a job at a leading financial institution in the region. The position was entry level, but I knew I could grow within the organization. So neither the pay nor the position bothered me much. After all, I was doing what I loved.

After two years in the bank, I got my first promotion. A year after, I got another promotion, and another followed.”

“As your career was growing, what were you doing to keep up with the promotions?”

“From early on, I knew I had to continuously add skills to my name. Each year, I ensured I had taken a short professional course. Later on, I saw I had pursued most of the courses I was aiming for.

Read on for more on Peter’s experience on how he was fired just 4 days to Christmas.