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The other day, I was having a chat with Peter. He, like me, has always wanted to work in an NGO and make an impression in how he goes about handling projects within the company.

Unfortunately, he feels his lack of skills will hinder him from becoming the best.

“I can initiate a project and plan the project work. The other areas such as developing schedules, analyzing the risks and ensuring that the project runs smoothly, are areas I struggle with.”

Without all the skills, he has found it hard to apply for job opportunities.

I was browsing through your website the other day and saw that you are offering a 5-day Project Management Course. I must say that this is the training for me and the fact that I will get a certificate after this will help me land a good job in my field.

Please sign me up!

Peter’s story is one that relates with some many Project Managers, perhaps, including yourself.

You could be asking yourself, “Why should I attend Project Management Training? How much will I gain in just 5-days?”

This is why you should attend:

  1. Get a job fast. Acquire in-demand project management skills: Project management certified professionals are in high demand. This certification opens the door for you to a truly diverse range of job opportunities across industries, and especially the local & international NGO sector.
  2. Practical skills you can start applying fast: You can expect practical skills that you can apply to a work-life setting. Learn today. Start applying tomorrow. It’s a practical course. This course is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to attend a two-year course to gain practical skills.
  3. Options to work in different sectors: After certification, you will have the choice to work in the public sector, education, NGO – non-governmental organisation, healthcare, and more. Many of our graduates are now project managers and project control officers working in a range of sectors

There you have it. Learn more about this training and book your seat here.

See you then.