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“Impression matters, what you present is what the recruiter will buy”

Recruiters are constantly interviewing thousands of applicants, for this reason, you need to ensure that you stand out.

What do you want the recruiter to think of when you walk in? What is your cutting edge?

An Interview is simply a way for the recruiter to try and place a face to your CV.

On Friday, Corporate Staffing Services-a leading HR Consultancy Firm, held a free forum to address these concerns. The forum was titled Interview Coaching, A Recruiter’s Guide.

The trainer, Carolyne Kariuki, lead the free training that saw attendance from professionals in various job industries.  The forum aimed at helping professionals ace interviews that would land them their dream jobs.

Carolyne started the session by highlighting the basics one should adhere to when preparing for an interview.  She emphasized on the dress codes, urging the professionals to always dress appropriately.

“You may have all the relevant qualifications but how you present yourself is what matters. You are going to be judged, so always present aspects of you that you would like the recruiter to see”.

She also added that  a person’s presentation during an interview can deter it from being successful because the recruiter finds their appearance distracting.

                                     Carolyne Training On A Recruiter’s Guide to Interview Coaching 

The second aspect she mentioned is nerves and anxiety which she attributed to lack of preparation. She urged that it is always good to be informed on the news and trends of your industry as well as current affairs.

“Lack of preparation creates anxiety, read the job description as though you are reading for an exam, to get a thorough understanding of the what the role requires”.

Carolyne also reminded the professionals that not all aspects of the role are highlighted in the job description. It is therefore crucial to come prepared with all the relevant information.

On-time and directions, she advised that one should always come early and ensure that they call to confirm the time and directions if one is not sure.

“Do not give generic excuses on the day of the interview by blaming it on the traffic or saying that you got lost because you were not sure of the directions”.

Another important factor she highlighted was on body language. Carolyne said that recruiters are already gauging you from the moment one gets the call, it is important to present yourself in a professional way.

  Professional’s watching Carolyne’s demonstration on Body language during the interactive session

“It is crucial to note that the interview starts with the first call”

After the presentation, Carolyne engaged the audience in an exhaustive Q&A session.

Finally, the event came to a close and the professionals enjoyed refreshments and they networked and got to interact with the Corporate Staffing Services team.

I spoke to a few of the professionals after the event; here are their sentiments.

“I found the forum to be very enlightening. After 10 Unsuccessful Interviews, I am now confident that I will ace my next interviews using the practical insights that the forum provided”.-Francis, Accountant

“The session was a complete eye-opener. I have been to a lot of interviews and all I have been getting are nothing but regret emails, I  was always wondering what the problem was. Thanks to the interview mentorship forum, I have been equipped  with the right guidelines on how to prepare for my next interviews”- Tabitha, Economist